Benjamin Chiarky

Benjamin Chiarky, 31, Charged With Second Degree Murder in the Death of Corrine Lee Huddleston, 20

Benjamin Franklin Chiarky of Spring Grove has been charged with second-degree murder in relation to Corrine Lee Huddleston, 20, whose remains were discovered on Nov. 12 near Northeast Surry County. Additionally, Benjamin was also accused of engaging in conspiracy to distribute schedule IV drugs and failing to comply with terms and conditions of probation.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin Chiarky was previously charged with abducting and raping of 14-year-old girl from Prince George County who went missing early October. Per Richmond Times-Dispatch reports, Benjamin Chiarky served eight years for this crime before being released early due to good behavior. Now facing second degree murder charges related to Corrine Lee Huddleston’s body being discovered off Colonial Trail West nearby where he lives in Surry County near where they both reside; additionally being on state’s Registered Sexual Offender List until recently being lifted he remains behind bars pending trial (Report by Veronica Larkin; Edit by John Sutton). (Report by Veronica Larkin; Editing by John Sutton). (Report by Veronica Larkin; Editing by John Sutton). (Report by Veronica Larkin; Editing by John Sutton). (Report by Veronica Larkin; Editing by John Sutton)

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Achievement and Honors

Benjamin Franklin Chiarky, 31, was charged in 2008 with abducting and raping a 14-year-old girl at a friend’s house in 2007. Following eight years of good behavior he was released onto probation after serving his six year sentence in 2008. This week after Corrine Lee Huddleston’s body was discovered in Surry County he was arrested again, this time for second degree murder along with drug offenses; both charges will likely result in his arraignment before Surry General District Court and court dates as scheduled on January 11th

Personal Life

Police in Prince George County, Virginia, have charged Benjamin Chiarky with second-degree murder for the death of Corrine Lee Huddleston, 20, who went missing last week in Prince George County and her remains were discovered nearby in wooded area. Records reveal that more than 10 years ago he was listed on Virginia’s Sexual Offender Registry after being found guilty of abducting and rapeding 14-year-old girl back in 2008. Chiarky served six out of his eight year sentence before being released for good behavior before also facing criminal conspiracy to distribute Schedule IV drugs charges.

Net Worth

Benjamin Franklin Chiarky reportedly has an estimated net worth of around $25 million, and was arrested Nov 12 in Prince George County for the alleged murder of 20-year-old Corrine Lee Huddleston who’s remains were discovered near where she resided in a wooded area near where they both knew each other. Furthermore, Chiarky faces charges including conspiracy to distribute schedule IV drugs as well as breaking probation terms.

He was previously charged with raping an underage girl in 2007, receiving 25 years in prison but later having it reduced to 8 due to good behavior credit. Since leaving prison he reportedly led an enjoyable life while on strict probation until being arrested for Huddleston case.

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