Benjamin David

Benjamin David Simmons

Benjamin hails from Wilmington, North Carolina and has served as District Attorney of North Carolina since 2012. Additionally, he serves on President Obama’s Crime Prevention Task Force as well as being part of Wilmington Downtown Rotary.

Rabbi Benjamin David brings his expertise in fostering equity and inclusion to Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel in Elkins Park after 10 years leading Adath Emanu-El in Mt. Laurel.

Early Life and Education

Ben Santer was born in Washington D.C. He and his family moved to Dortmund, Germany when he was six, where he began mountaineering and rock-climbing for fun, and developed an appreciation for nature’s wonders.

He studied at Herbert Vaughan’s College for Foreign Missions in Mill Hill, England before heading off to Rome and Propaganda Fide College to complete philosophical and theological studies.

He later became a teacher, working at various schools throughout New Orleans. Today he is a National Board Certified early childhood educator and life-long learning advocate; working alongside learning partners worldwide to foster language and literacy development while sharing his knowledge with children and sharing his love of education with others.

Personal Life

He was loved by all for his infectious smile, laughter, and zest for life. He held great affection for Caitlin and their daughter Kensington who turned 2 recently; also deeply cared for by both sets of parents; sister Melanie Brown VanLue; Jason VanLue who is responsible for Cade and Caroline VanLue as well as nieces and nephews Micah Larson and Luke Larson as well as an incredible group of friends.

His love for family and friends was equaled only by his deep faith in Christ, evident throughout his life. He dedicated much of his time to church services as well as volunteering on community programs and service projects. Additionally, he enjoyed writing long distance running and cracking cryptic crossword puzzles; Foxy the family dog passed away late 2018 at age 62.

Net Worth

Ben Simmons has made his mark as an endorser, signing deals with companies like Footlocker and Beats by Dre. He is now one of the wealthiest athletes on the court today!

He has made appearances in several films and television series, such as Captain Ron and Simone. Additionally, he has voiced multiple characters for various animated movies and series.

Shaun Foist is a multi-talented drummer and one of the most influential members of Breaking Benjamin. With an estimated net worth estimated to exceed $5 Million, Foist ranks as one of the three richest members along with Keith Wallen and Jasen Rauch. Additionally, Foist has various side projects and collaborations which have contributed significantly to his fortune. In recognition of his music performance skills he has won multiple awards and accolades throughout his career.

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