Benjamin Gergen

Benjamin Gergen – An Interview With a Renowned Political Analyst

Many historians can recall the thrill of making an accidental discovery that leads to new avenues of research – Benjamin Moore found such joy while combing through trash cans!

Benjamin’s years of defending criminal cases in Travis County have enabled him to form an extensive network of relationships between him and local prosecutors and judges that can only benefit his clients.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin hails from Austin, Texas. After attending Texas Tech for college, he studied law at the University of Texas where he interned with their juvenile justice clinic – this experience ultimately convinced him that criminal defense was his chosen field of endeavor.

John was orphaned after his mother passed away, and raised by foster families. Unfortunately, John developed tuberculosis and experienced numerous health complications throughout his life which made life very challenging for him.

Moore found John’s schoolwork in a dumpster and turned it into both a biography of the man, as well as a social history of early 20th century immigration to St. Louis. His research dispels some romantic notions about St. Louis past while reminding us about the struggles immigrants experienced at this time period.

Professional Career

Benjamin Gergen stands out among Longhorn supporters as an avid Red Raider fan. Being raised to be an advocate for those at risk, Benjamin has spent over 25 years practicing law to assist entrepreneurial clients with their legal needs.

He recounted his experiences as advisor to four presidents of different parties and stressed the importance of politicians learning from their mistakes. Furthermore, he encouraged audience members to uphold democratic ideals and work to restore civility and tolerance.

Dr. Howard Cannon teaches leadership, public service and U.S. politics during election years as a professor at Duke University and Harvard Kennedy School. Additionally, he serves as senior political analyst for CNN as well as founding the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard Kennedy School.

Achievement and Honors

Gergen has earned international renown as one of America’s foremost political commentators and advisor to four US presidents. Additionally, he won Peabody Awards twice with MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour and CNN election coverage teams which won Peabody awards under him as part of their coverage teams. Gergen graduated with honors from Yale and Harvard Universities before receiving 27 honorary degrees as recognition.

Ben was inspired to write The Names of John Gergen by discovering third-grade schoolwork found in a dumpster, which explored how various forces of history impacted his father in Soulard, St Louis during the early twentieth century. His next book Hearts Touched with Fire will focus on leadership and renewal of politics while teaching at Harvard Center for Public Leadership while advancing scholarship on leadership studies.

Personal Life

Being on the frontlines of public affairs for 28 years and twice winning Peabody awards with MacNeil-Lehrer Newshour and now appearing as CNN Senior Political Analyst, Gergen has become an esteemed expert on leadership. Additionally, he serves on boards at Teach for America and Aspen Institute.

His latest book offers seven essential elements that future leaders must possess to uphold democratic ideals and preserve democracy: inner mastery; a central, compelling purpose rooted in moral values; a sure, quick start; strong, prudent advisers; and passion that motivates followers of their mission to keep going forward with it.

As an attorney, Benjamin specializes in criminal defense cases throughout Travis County and beyond. He takes great pleasure in being an underdog against state resources; making humanizing his clients so that the state views them as more than just case numbers.

Net Worth

He serves as senior political analyst at CNN and sits on numerous non-profit boards and two prestigious university boards of trustees. Since 1967 he and his wife, Kathleen have been married; Christopher works as a social entrepreneur at Duke University while Katherine practices family therapy at Boston Medical Center.

David Gergen holds honors degrees from Yale and Harvard Law Schools, and serves as founding director of the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard Kennedy School, which promotes scholarship at the forefront of leadership studies. This has become his most fulfilling public service experience to date; born May 9, 1942 in Durham, North Carolina

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