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Ben Matthews – A Famous Guitarist

Benjamin Matthews grew up in Prichard, Alabama. Following his discharge from the Army he studied voice at Chicago Conservatory before founding Ebony Opera – an opera company dedicated to African-American operatic repertoire in New York.

Ben’s graduate work involved developing the first molecular explanation for “self-avoidance”, whereby neurons from dendritic arbors recognize each other and avoid crossing each other. He also worked on mosquito genomics and behavior with Leslie Vosshall at Rockefeller University/HHMI.

Early Life and Education

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Benjamin Matthews was an esteemed operatic bass-baritone during his final years. He amassed an extensive collection of African-American music, presented recitals and master classes all over the world and advocated for its preservation – as well as encouraging younger artists to continue performing it.

Professional Career

Benjamin Matthews boasts an extensive professional resume. His experience spans across numerous companies and industries – retail real estate among them – where he currently works as the executive vice president of shopping center business for Matthews(tm). In this capacity, he oversees the disposition and acquisition of multi-tenant shopping centers nationwide.

He has an immense love of music, founding Opera Ebony company. As an operatic bass-baritone he has performed extensively including Virgil Thomson’s Four Saints in Three Acts and Mendelssohn’s Elijah; furthermore he collects African-American music while teaching master classes on spirituals, work songs, Creole music and neglected black composers.

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Achievement and Honors

Matthews scored 41 goals as a rookie, breaking a Maple Leafs record and earning the Maurice Richard Trophy in 2020-21. Additionally, Matthews helped Toronto quickly advance through their opening round playoff series against Tampa Bay Lightning.

As a freshman at Boston University, Matthews considered majoring in physics but struggled to keep up with the abstract theoretical work (though later felt vindicated when one of his classmates from freshman science classes went on to win the Nobel Prize). Following advice from his grandfather – Dr. Silen at BIDMC suggested contact be made and Matthews decided on medicine as his path forward.

Matthews gained experience in numerous subspecialty areas at BIDMC during his early years, including liver and pancreatic surgery. Over time he became particularly drawn to hepatobiliary and pancreatic bile duct surgeries (including islet autotransplantation).

Personal Life

Benjamin was an active member of Christ Episcopal Church in Raleigh and an integral member of the UNC School of Education Alumni Association, serving both on the Board and Presidentships for many years. Additionally, he played an important role in education throughout North Carolina as an appointed Governor’s Task Force member such as those for Safe Healthy Schools; School Nutrition; H1N1 Virus Response and Food Safety.

He is known for his creativity and strategic judgment. He is well-versed in creating intellectual property across various technical fields such as control systems, autonomous vehicles and machine learning applications. Additionally, he counsels clients on IP portfolio management while producing validity, non-infringement and freedom to operate opinions for clients.

Dr. Matthews brings over 31 years of experience. He accepts numerous insurance plans and is affiliated with Boston Children’s Hospital.

Net Worth

Ben Matthews is a popular guitarist estimated to have an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million. He ranks 2871 on our list of 2871 most prominent guitarists.

Ben specializes in the acquisition and disposition of net lease retail facilities, particularly QSR properties (Arby’s). His creativity, strategic judgement, and client focus make him an asset throughout the transactional process. Ben collaborates with private investors, developers, 1031 exchange buyers, institutions and high-net-worth individuals on transactions.

Born in Prichard, Alabama and moving to Chicago for both high school and the Army service he won second place in an all-Army singing competition. Later he studied voice at the Chicago Conservatory before making his operatic debut with Virgil Thomson’s Four Saints in Three Acts as well as Handel, Bach, Mendelssohn as well as African-American spirituals and work songs.

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