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Benjamin Paulin, PA-C

Benjamin Paulin, PA-C is a physician assistant located in Columbia, SC who accepts various insurance plans.

Pierre Paulin’s furniture pieces may have graced movie sets, Kanye West’s living room or modern art museums; yet you may not realize they were designed by him prior to his passing in 2009.

Benjamin Paulin, his son, is committed to carrying forward his father’s legacy.

Early Life and Education

At the time of his death in 2009, Paulin had made La Calmette his base. Here he kept an archive of early works such as prototypes that never made it onto store shelves, such as 1966 model for La Declive (an articulated lounge chair that appears as though being pulled along by an invisible magic carpet) and 1971 design Tapis-Siege (folded sheet of aluminum ribs reminiscent of tiger stripes).

As a result of Paulin’s efforts, many of his designs have seen new life in recent years, moving from their initial concept into homes and galleries worldwide – even Tom Ford and Kanye West use them during their shows!

Professional Career

Paulin’s designs were mass produced during the ’70s and ’80s by manufacturers like Dior, ORTF and Bertrand Faure. Furthermore, his furniture designs were even produced for Mobilier National – an institution responsible for state furniture production – as gallery seating at Louvre museum.

His experiences in Scandinavia and America taught him to prioritize utility over decorative flair, and that forward progress in design could come from within rather than from above, as was common at that time in France.

Maia Wodzislawska-Paulin and Benjamin run the family enterprise that Paulin founded before his passing away in 2009. Their Paris home doubles as museum, showroom, and office; featuring designs by modernists from around the globe.

Achievement and Honors

Though Paulin’s modesty limited his fame, his family is working to further his legacy. They signed agreements with manufacturers including Holland’s Artifort and France’s Ligne Roset to produce iconic yet never-before-seen pieces from his archives; these agreements also include Azzedine Alaia who used 30 of Paulin’s Snakey Osaka sofas as seating at Louis Vuitton’s 2015 cruise presentation while Kanye West implemented them into his Yeezy showroom.

Benjamin and Alice Lemoine, working from their Bordeaux estate, are intimately familiar with Paulin’s archive, providing invaluable assistance. Reviving Paulin’s ideas proves their enduring relevance; an admirable testament to Paulin’s creativity.

Personal Life

Paulin’s pieces at the Salon des Arts Menagers had such great acclaim that after their debut at this exhibition he went on to decorate both Georges Pompidou’s home and later Francois Mitterrand’s office with them. Paulin worked extensively for Mobilier National (a government agency responsible for furnishing state properties), providing furnishings over 40 years – the longest period in his career.

Paulin left behind an immense legacy, which is now managed by his son Benjamin and daughter Maia who were his right hands during life. Their Paris residence near Bastille serves as a museum, showroom and studio.

Though they appear modest in approach, Paulin’s children are skilled marketers and are quickly moving his iconic designs into small-scale production – from Artifort’s Tulip lounge chair and the Dune sofa (favorite of Kanye West) back into fashion. They’ve brought Paulin back into style.

Net Worth

Real estate has long been his specialty and his operating philosophy has always been to purchase low and sell high. Over 30 years of experience has given him an edge to succeed.

Paulin’s whimsical approach to designing mass-produced household items (razors, travel irons, toilet bowls and plumbing fixtures) fell out of favor over time, yet at the Centre Pompidou his archives are enshrined – specifically maquettes of an unrealised residential concept as well as one piece he created: demi-arc Osaka sofa.

Paulin is the son of Pierre and Maia Paulin and married Alice Lemoine, a colorist. He has appeared in several comedy movies and TV shows such as The Campaign (2012), Kicking & Screaming (2011), Talladega Nights (2006), Step Brothers (2008) and Daddy’s Home (2015).

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