Benjamin Vnuk

Benjamin Vnuk – A Swedish Fashion Photographer

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Swedish photographer Benjamin Vnuk first found success as an assistant to Mikael Jansson and Richard Avedon; since then he has combined classical visual language with contemporary aesthetic to craft photographs that are both timeless and fashion forward. His images have appeared in editorials for Vogue, CR Fashion Book, and Sleek magazine.

Early Life and Education

Benjamin Sesko used his free time as a child practising throw-ins at Radece’s football field – which was built through local contributions.

LifeBagger reached out to Marjan Nemec School’s Principal and other teachers, all of whom praised Benjamin for being such an obedient and respectful student. Benjamin always made an effort to learn, placing his moral development above everything else.

Ales and Sladana Sesko have a daughter named Zala who has played an integral part of her brother’s football journey, sharing an extremely close bond between them both. Ales often joins his sister at football practice sessions together; his family provides significant support and inspiration.

Professional Career

Once he graduated from his academy, his club sent him on trial at Liefering in Austria’s second division for one season – where he managed to score many goals that caught the eye of Red Bull Salzburg senior team management.

Ales was always there to offer him support, encouraging his son to remain humble and avoid distractions. Additionally, his mother Sladana Lazic and sister Zala Sesko provided invaluable help and assistance.

Benjamin Sesko became one of the highest-scoring footballers ever when Red Bull Salzburg signed him for 2.5 million euros after an amazing rise in his football career. Agent Elvis Basanovic played a crucial role in this transfer and career – becoming more like family to his rising footballer client.

Achievement and Honors

Vnuk is considered one of the rising talents in fashion photography, known for creating bold, sensual work that is contemporary. While he was initially inspired by Richard Avedon and Mikael Jansson when starting out as an assistant photographer for them both, he has since created images with his own distinctive style that explore light, shape and shadow with imagination. Vnuk’s recent personal project March Et July features Swedish model Adela Stenberg; each portrait depicts what happened between March and July of 2018! See here to view it all!

Personal Life

Benjamin Vnuk, born and raised in northern Sweden, took to photography at an early age. Beginning his career as a photographer’s assistant before making the leap behind the lens capturing fashion editorials and campaigns.

Vnuk has drawn on experience working alongside photographers such as Mikael Jansson, who collaborated closely with Richard Avedon, to form his unique photographic style. His forward-thinking images combine classical visual language and modern aesthetics; his clients include CR Fashion Book, Elle UK and Sleek magazines.

Vnuk recently produced the print publication March Et July featuring Swedish model Adela Stenberg as its subject. Images captured between March and July last year form the collection, celebrating an uncanny yet sensual beauty that Vnuk celebrates through this project.

Net Worth

Benjamin Vnuk’s estimated net worth as of 2019 is estimated to be approximately $1.5 Million. As a photographer working with top models, his work has appeared in some of the world’s leading fashion publications and features his unique blend of classical visual language with contemporary aesthetics.

Vnuk began his career assisting Mikael Jansson, who in turn assisted Richard Avedon. Although Vnuk’s images bear subtle influences from both of these legendary fashion photographers, his own unique style can be seen through creating on-trend yet timeless editorials for publications like CR Fashion Book and Harper’s Bazaar among many other publications.

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