Benjamin Wiborg

Benjamin Wiborg, Workers Compensation Attorney at Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy

Benjamin Wiborg is an attorney at Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy with over 15 years of experience specializing in workers’ compensation claims and representing over 3,000 injured workers in both administrative and litigation aspects of workers’ comp.

Geoffrey Turoff and Benjamin Wiborg concur that reporting injuries immediately is key to filing for workers’ compensation, along with having legal representation as soon as possible.

Early Life and Education

Frederick Elias Wiborg was born on 1 November 1863 at Stokkestad Farm near Vaga in Gudbrandsdalen of Norway to Ole Fredrikson and Joda Eriksdatter. As part of their immigration to America, his family settled in Riverdale Township of Watonwan County Minnesota, homesteathing 170 acres before later purchasing another 80 – operating their farm until their father retired and relocated into Madelia, Minnesota.

He and Carrie Tormina Nelson had four children together. He placed great importance on education for his offspring, with several of them graduating high school – Clifford Ferdinand Wiborg attending St. Olaf College later. Wiborg was active in schools, township, county and cooperative affairs before his death due to heart failure on March 26, 1947 – Trinity Lutheran Cemetery near Madelia serves as his final resting place.

Professional Career

Benjamin Wiborg joined Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy as an associate in 2008. His legal practice centers around workers’ compensation law; representing people injured on the job in both administrative and litigation aspects of claims. Additionally, Benjamin regularly gives lectures to inform local audiences on their rights under workers’ compensation law and provides interviews for local publications that highlight his knowledge on this matter.

Teri has led her children’s charity for three decades and seen it through difficult circumstances such as sudden losses to former President and CEO, COVID-19 pandemic obstacles, social change movements and movements for social reform. Teri has created an environment of collaboration and transparency across her organization that ensures its long-term success.

Personal Life

When evaluating a workers compensation lawyer, several key criteria should be taken into account. These include their education, reputation and experience. Furthermore, work history and client reviews must also be carefully considered.

Fredrick Elias Wiborg was born November 1st 1863 on a farm known as Stokkestad near Vaga in Norway’s Gudbrandalen Valley. In 1868 he immigrated to America, and settled in Riverdale Township of Watonwan County Minnesota homesteathing 170 acres that later expanded with an 80 acre purchase from nearby farms. Additionally he took an active part in township, county, and cooperative affairs as he actively engaged with township, county, and cooperative affairs.

He specializes in representing workers injured on the job and can handle both administrative and litigation processes for their claims.

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