The Best Place To Buy A Dress In Singapore And Tips On Choosing One

Buying a dress is a significant investment and makes a statement about your sense of style, so it’s essential to do your research and find the perfect dress. Dresses come in different styles, fabrics, sizes, and colors, so you can be sure to find the one that suits you best. There are many places and ways to find dresses for your unique beauty.


If you are looking for a dress in Singapore, it is where to go. A sizeable commercial shop, Mothercare has various styles, colors, and sizes. They have baby and children’s wear, maternity, nursing, casual, and ladies’ formal wear for weddings, parties, and even proms. They offer a wide range for affordable prices.

Best Place To Buy A Dress In Singapore

6 Tips on choosing the best dress for yourself

Dresses are essential in making an apparent difference between two people. With the prevalence of fashion trends and the trend for dressing up and down, it’s necessary to look to find the right dress. The following are tips on choosing the best dress for yourself.

1. Finding your body type

The most important thing you need to consider when choosing a dress is to find your body type. The size and shape of your body will determine what kind of dress will fit and suit you best. Your height, weight, and body structure should all be considered when looking for the perfect mode of dressing up.

2. Length of Dress

The length of a dress also makes a statement. The length is also determined by the kind of occasion you will be wearing that dress for. Whether it’s a mini, pencil, or an A-line, red dresses can show your sophisticated side, while princess dresses can make you look regal and feminine.

3. Colour

Colour is another thing that matters when choosing your perfect dress. Your skin and hair color should help determine the kind of color you go for when choosing your dress. This is important because the dress’s color will make a statement, so it’s best to match your skin, hair, and complexion with that of your dress.

4. Fabric

The fabric also makes a statement when you choose a dress. The material can be essential because it will complement or enhance your body’s curves, thus accentuating the shape of your body. If you have a larger bust, you can go for specific dresses that will compliment your figure, while if you have small breasts, the fit of the dress will not be tight and uncomfortable.

Best Place To Buy A Dress In Singapore

5. Price

The price of the dress is also significant in choosing the right dress. When selecting a cheap dress, it should not be as uncomfortable as it will make you feel. You should pay attention to the buttons, fabrics, fit, and color. Cheap dresses can still look great; it’s just a matter of how much you are willing to spend.

6. Style

Style is very significant in choosing the right dress. If you have a particular style, classy or sporty, it should never go against your style. You may want to stick with a specific style and color, but some consideration must be for your figure, skin, and hair.


Dresses are essential in creating the correct appearance and making a statement when you go out. It’s necessary to get the right dress for your body and figure and the occasion. Mothercare offers everything you need, and its prices are affordable.

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