Beth Hart Net Worth

Beth Hart Net Worth

Beth Hart is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist. She is famous for her hit song ‘LA Song (Out of This Town)’. She has released a total of nine studio albums to date.

In 1993, Beth Hart appeared on the reality television series Star Search. She went on to compete in the Female Vocalist category and won. Since then, she has been releasing successful albums, performing at concerts all over the world, and working as a songwriter. Despite her success, she has also battled addiction and bipolar disorder.

After winning Star Search, she started performing in the Los Angeles area. She had plans to visit several cities in America and Europe. However, she has since been sober for many years.

Her career as a singer began in the mid-90s, when she recorded her first album, ‘Beth Hart and the Ocean of Souls’. The album, which includes classics like “Am I the One” and “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds,” reached number one on the Billboard Blues Album Chart. During this time, she worked with guitarist Joe Bonamassa on three more albums.

Hart’s most successful album to date is ‘Black Coffee’, which debuted at number one on the US Blues chart and has sold over a million copies. She was nominated for a Grammy Award for her contribution to the ‘Seesaw’ album, as well.

Not surprisingly, she is one of the wealthiest blues singers of all time. Her net worth is estimated to be around $4 million, with her earnings coming mainly from her music career. Other sources of her income include endorsements, stock investments, and properties.

Beth Hart’s net worth has increased in recent years. She was nominated for the B.B. King award, a competition designed to honor an outstanding pop singer. Additionally, she has been invited to perform at the 40th Blues Music Awards ceremony in January 2019. While she is not a celebrity by any means, she does have an impressive fan following.

It has been reported that she earns around $1,500 a day. Although she does not own a luxury vehicle, she does own a house in Los Angeles, California. Moreover, she has launched her own line of cosmetics, “With Love,” as well as a line of perfume, “Pure Wonderhart,” which are all part of her “Beth Hart Seduction” collection.

Beth Hart has not been married. But she has been in a previous relationship. Before her marriage to Scott Guetzkow, she had one other relationship.

In addition to her music career, she has had an off-Broadway show, Love, Janis, and has worked with artists such as Keith Richards, Slash, and Jeff Beck. Some of her songs have aired on popular television shows such as “Beverly Hills 90210.”

While she has not yet made it as a rock star, she has carved a niche in the music industry. Her latest accomplishment was collaborating with guitarist Joe Bonamassa on ‘Seesaw’, which was nominated for a Grammy award.

As of late, she has also launched her own fashion line, ‘Beth Hart Seduction’. The line includes a perfume, a lipstick, and a hair gel. Also, she has a Facebook page and posts occasional updates about her personal and professional life.

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