bikeBOX-XL: Compact quad garage

bikeBOX-XL: Compact quad garage

bikeBOX24 XL: compact quad garagebikeBox24 offers a compact quad garage with its bikeBOX24 XL. With this and the ‘Standard’ model, there are two garages in the range. Both are made of high-quality plastic, extremely UV-resistant and very easy to clean. While around 90 percent of all available motorcycles find a dry shelter with the standard model, the bikeBOX24 XL with a width of 126 cm also offers a new home for extra-wide custom bikes and quads. The bikeBOX24 as a compact quad garage can be set up on private property without a building permit, only requires the space of the vehicle and has an easy-to-use, lockable tailgate with cylinder lock. Gas pressure telescopic springs ensure that the bikeBOX is opened easily.

bikeBOX24 XL: compact quad garage

Compact quad garage

Visually, the bikeBOX24 is delivered in silver/anthracite metallic as standard, individual color designs are possible for an additional charge. bikeBOX24 has the following key data:

  • Internal dimensions: 265x126x160 cm
  • External dimensions: 280x150x170 cm
  • Height open: 290 cm
  • Weight: 140kg
  • Price: 2,695 euros (bikeBOX24 Standard) / 3,850 euros (bikeBOX24 XL)
  • Shipping costs by arrangement

bikeBOX24 XL and bikeBOX24 Standard: compact quad and motorcycle garages

bikeBOX24 Ltd

After a five-year planning and development phase, bikeBOX24 GmbH was founded in early 2012 – founded by an enthusiastic motorcyclist with the aim of creating suitable parking spaces for motorbikes and quads outside the garage. With Lothar Schmahl, a managing director was found who has over 20 years of experience in mold making. After the first presentations of a prototype at motorcycle trade fairs, the decision to start series production was not difficult. dha

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