Billy Likes Soda

You might be wondering what to expect from a rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. Billy Likes Soda is a band of young, fun-loving people, who dress up as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The songs that they play are reminiscent of their childhoods, and they are great fun. If you’re in the mood for some classic pop, you should definitely check out Billy Likes Soda. They will be performing at the Collision Bend, on Friday, April 19, at 9PM.

The band was formed in 2002, and is an out-of-town band from the Cleveland area. The members are well-dressed, and their sarcastic set lists will appeal to a broad audience. Frontman Dave Carlin, formerly of Wicked Street and the Cleveland Roxx, specializes in cover songs from the 80s and 90s. Guitarist Mike Radzimski previously played with Tony Rio & Relentless and Redneck Incorporated.

Billy Likes Soda is an all-star group of musicians from Cleveland who have become a hit in the cover band genre. This supergroup features talented singers and songwriters, and their eclectic set list makes their shows a must-see. Besides covering classic songs, Billy Likes Soda also writes their own material. The band’s first live show was on December 7, 2003, at the Distorted Penguins.

The band has become a local favorite, making their debut in the Wild Eagle Streetsboro on November 2. They have been nominated as Cleveland Magazine’s ‘Best Cover Band’ for 2018 and have released two EPs. With a strong setlist and sarcastic lyrics, Billy Likes Soda is sure to get a crowd roaring. They have also been working on new material. And, if you’re looking for a rock show, don’t miss this one.

The band is an excellent example of a supergroup cover band. With a diverse set of songs, Billy Likes Soda is a great choice for a show. The band is one of the few bands to have performed on both stages of a festival. However, the band’s setlist is not limited to a particular genre. A variety of songs from classic rock to rap songs are included. Despite this, the band’s music is a real hit in their hometown.

The band’s performance is a great example of a supergroup. They are a supergroup of cover bands, ranging from rock to rap. This band has a unique style that is reminiscent of a sarcastic rock act. The frontman of the band is Dave Carlin, who was a member of the bands Wicked Street and the Cleveland Roxx. The guitarist, Mike Radzimski, is an experienced musician, having been part of Tony Rio and Relentless.

Billy Likes Soda has become an iconic cover band in Cleveland. The band’s original songs are as funny and quirky as their sound. Moreover, the band’s songs have a long list of recognizable songs from classic rock and pop. They play a range of classic rock hits and original ones, and have a diverse setlist to match. Among their most notable songs are “Jump” and “Jump.”

Known for their sarcastic lyrics and eclectic setlist, Billy Likes Soda has become an unlikely supergroup in Cleveland. The band has performed with the Distorted Penguins on December 7 and has a new album due out in January. The members of the band are also working on new material and playing together at the Wild Eagle Streetsboro. The band is also currently working on a live DVD of their latest song, “Jump.”

The Cleveland rock band has been playing around since 2002. The band has been named the ‘Best Cover Band’ by Cleveland Magazine in 2018. They have played with Distorted Penguins on December 7 and are currently working on new material. While the group has been performing in Cleveland for a few years, their fans are thrilled that they have finally found a niche. At their debut show in Greensburg, the band will perform two original songs, “Jump” and “Another Time.”

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