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Biophilic – the latest trend in interior design

You have probably heard the term biophilic. You may even have tried to figure out what it meant. We can help you with this because biophilia comes from the ancient Greek words bios “Live and philia “Love”. That means “love for life”, “love for living things” or also love for nature. Today, the term is synonymous with the latest trend in interior design, namely the urge to weave as many natural elements into the interior as possible. Although the term appears relatively new and is currently trendy in the fields of architecture and interior design, biophilia was first used in 1964 by the German-American psychoanalyst, philosopher and social psychologist Erich Fromm in his book “The Soul of Man”. Independently of this, the American biologist Edward O Wislon once again wrote of biophilia in the 1980s and made the term popular with his scientific writings.

Biophilic in the interior? What should we understand by that?

Biophilic im Interieur Licht von oben Holz weitere Naturmaterialien viel Grün

Today one speaks more and more often of biophilic in interior design. What else you should know about it and how you can apply this trend in your own home, you will find out below. We also report on the advantages that a biophilic interior has for house residents. Stick with it because it will definitely be interesting to learn a little more about interior biophilia!

Try to surround yourself with lots of nature within your own four walls!

Biophilic im Interieur Esszimmer sehr einladend Farn andere Grünpflanzen eine grüne Wand

  • Biophilic urges you to bring nature inside

It is well known that every interior is a reflection of the personality of its residents. That is why various aspects of our environment are expressed in the interior design. Contemporary interiors are clearly inspired by the outdoors. Inside, on the one hand, well-being and living comfort are very important. On the other hand, you want to feel like you’re outdoors. That is why more and more attempts are made to introduce numerous natural elements into the interior design and to surround oneself with a lot of green. This is exactly what characterizes the latest biophilic trend in interior design. Nature is well represented in the interior and this has an extremely positive effect on our psyche and our general state of health.

Biophilic in the interior is always associated with positive emotions and with a sense of security and inner balance.

Biophilic im Interieur schöne Raumgestaltung grüne Akzentwand viele Pflanzen positive Emotionen innere Balance

When designing a biophilic interior, one obviously relies on the natural charm of nature and its role as inspiration. The feeling for peace and freedom also comes into its own. You usually express your emotional connection to certain landscapes that you particularly like. The core principle of biophilia is to connect people with nature and thereby improve well-being.

Can you feel the calming effects of green?

Biophilic im Interieur beruhigende Wirkung von Grün Sitzecke zum Entspannen

Just a few natural elements can also have a strong effect in the interior.

Biophilic im Interieur Wohnzimmer Wanddeko mit Naturmaterialien sehr stilvoll beruhigende Atmosphäre

  • How exactly can you introduce biophilic into your own four walls?

It’s pretty easy to introduce biophilic into interior design. You need a lot of green house plants, decorations with moss and everything that is green in your own four walls. In addition, natural light also plays an important role in such an interior. Floor-to-ceiling windows, for example, offer a beautiful view of the garden or backyard and invite nature directly into the house. Then in most cases you feel like you are in the middle of a beautiful landscape. In third place comes the use of natural materials. Understandably, wood, stone and marble are very popular, which is why they have a strong presence in every biophilic interior.

How do you like this room decoration with moss?

Biophilic im Interieur Raumdekoration mit Moos starker visueller Effekt

Biophilic in the interior: natural materials inside correspond to nature outside.

Biophilic im Interieur Naturmaterialien im Inneren Holzdecke weiche Texturen Wolle Baumwolle deckenhohe Fenster viel Natur

As we mentioned before, the easiest way to feel a strong connection with nature is to have a nice look at nature. If you open the windows frequently, you will let in the sunshine and feel a gentle breeze that will wake you up and give you energy. Plants are also a great way to make your room look cozier without turning it into a jungle. For example, a couple of nice pots with cacti or fern will do. Photos and pictures with natural patterns or floral wallpapers also represent a symbolic connection to nature. You may also opt for trendy green walls, but these require more maintenance.

Biophilic in the interior: A green wall can also spice up any room, even one in industrial style.

Biophilic im Interieur einfache Raumgestaltung im Industrial Style Akzentwand vertikaler Garten

An accent wall with floral wallpaper and lots of green plants in front of it attract everyone’s attention.

Biophilic im Interieur schönes Esszimmer Akzentwand Blumentapeten viele grüne Zimmerpflanzen

But this by no means exhausts the possibilities of introducing biophilic into your own home. You can have numerous small details around you that show your bond with nature. Even in the bathroom. Here we mean, for example, a bath mat made of pebbles or real moss, towels made of organic cotton or bamboo. A bathroom plant that loves warmth and moisture, in the corner or on the vanity, would completely change the look of your bathroom.

This bathroom incorporates many natural elements and is a good example of biophilic in interior design.

Biophilic im Interieur Badezimmer viele natürliche Elemente Holz Betonwand Glas viel Grün

A vintage style bedroom looks very fresh and inviting thanks to the green plants.

Biophilic im Interieur Schlafzimmer im Vintage Stil einfache Raumgestaltung Grünpflanzen erfrischen es

Opt for textiles with natural patterns and made of natural materials such as silk, cotton or bamboo, and also use carpets made of wool. These are slightly more expensive items, but they’re also natural and better for your health. You can also try listening to soothing music or noises before bed, or playing games by yourself to relax and fall asleep faster: hearing flowing water, ocean waves, or frogs make you feel like you are sleeping outside while you relax actually in your comfortable bed. You feel a strong connection with nature and inner harmony. Biophilia brings your life into balance and gives you a lot of living comfort. Those are the most important plus points that a biophilic design brings us!

Natural textiles can be wonderfully paired with green plants in the interior.

Biophilic im Interieur Wohnzimmer blaues Sofa Nische viele Hängepflanzen grüne Note im Raum Gitarre an der Wand

Give your home a natural feeling and use biophilic design!

Biophilic im Interieur Blumen unter Glas als Raumdeko modernes Design

  • What are the advantages of a biophilic design?

Psychologists claim that every person enjoys complete relaxation in a natural setting. When we talk about it, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a beautiful landscape. Regardless of whether it is a forest, the mountains, the sea or a meadow. These pictures have a relaxing effect on body and soul, which is why we want to enjoy them at home too. In the living room or home office, in the bedroom or bathroom. Everywhere a biophilic design is an important source of comfort and relaxation. That is why architects and interior designers are now looking for design solutions that will continue to be popular in the future and are turning to “biophilia” as an important source of inspiration. A biophilic interior promotes your well-being, gives you relaxation, better health and emotional comfort. Can you ask for something better? We hardly think so!

The daylight coming from above can work wonders in the interior.

Biophilic im Interieur geräumiges Wohnzimmer viel Grün Licht von oben effektvolle Raumgestaltung

Caution! Too many green plants could lead to a negative effect and a jungle look!

Biophilic im Interieur zu viele Grünpflanzen negativer Effekt Dschungel Look

In this home office you can work long hours and be creative!

Biophilic im Interieur Homeoffice deckenhohe Fenster viel Grün draußen arbeiten kreativ sein wie inmitten der Natur

Biophilic design and inner harmony go hand in hand.

Biophilic im Interieur Zimmerecke viel Licht grüne Pflanzen einladende Raumgestaltung innere Harmonie

Biophilic im Interieur Naturmaterialien Holz Textilien viele Grünpflanzen

Small details that count.

Biophilic im Interieur Betonwand mit grünen Pflanzen geschmückt Brennholzaufbewahrung Vase Blumentopf aus Beton

Biophilic im Interieur moderne Küche Spülbecken Fenster viel Grün draußen

Biophilic im Interieur alter Vintage Küchenschrank mit vielen Grünpflanzen aufgepeppt

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