Black Thought Net Worth

Black Thought Net Worth

Black Thought is a popular American rapper who was born on October 3, 1971. He is known for his music and his lyrics, which are often complex and complicated. The rapper has gained fame with his songs “You Got Me” and “Black No More”.

In the music industry, he has been associated with a number of artists and albums. The rap star has been the MC of hip hop group The Roots, which has produced twelve studio albums. In addition to his career in the music industry, he has been successful in the business world as well, owning a football team and several restaurants in Washington, DC. Among his accomplishments are a Grammy Award for Best R&B album and an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Album.

During his childhood, he lived in Detroit. His father was a member of an Islamic group, Black Brothers Inc. When he was a child, Black became interested in music. He also showed an interest in comedy. By the time he was a teenager, he had started performing with an ensemble called the Square Roots, and had begun to work with Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson. This led to the pair becoming friends.

After attending Millersville University, he began to perform with the Square Roots. Eventually, the quartet changed its name to the Roots, and released their first album, Organix, in 1993. With this record, the duo won the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Album.

He has released fourteen studio albums since then. He also worked on a number of filmography. Besides his music, he has been known to do occasional acting, such as in the film The Social Network. He has also modeled for a number of advertising campaigns.

His net worth is estimated at $14 million. However, he makes most of his money from his music. In fact, his album, Things Fall Apart, earned him more than 12 million dollars. Some of his other earnings include a salary, endorsements, and residuals. Besides his music career, he has a wife and five children.

He has an official Twitter account and a personal Facebook page. He has also launched his own brand of vodka. These are just some of the reasons why he has become one of the richest rappers of all time.

Although the net worth of the famous rapper is uncertain, he is still alive and well. It has been reported that he was born with the sign of Libra. This indicates strength and wisdom, and also indicates that he has long facial hair.

Black Thought has married Michelle Trotter. They have five kids together, including twin daughters. He also has two other siblings. Aside from his family, he has a long list of musical collaborators, from whom he has gained fame. As of now, the rapper has a number of social media accounts, but it is not clear whether he has updated his marital status.

He has an official website and a twitter account. In the past, he has been linked to a number of other musicians and artists, including Pusha T, Killer Mike, and Lotek. In the future, he has announced a collaboration with legendary producer Danger Mouse.

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