Blue pillars on federal roads: speed cameras?

For several months, there have been numerous blue pillars on German federal roads that look exactly like typical speed camera pillars. But this is it by no means about speed measuring systemsbut around Checkpoints for the truck toll!

The pillar contains technology that checks whether a truck is subject to toll. From July 1, 2018 Should the truck toll no longer only be used on motorways, but also on country roads be driven in. This also avoids the fact that trucks cheat the toll by avoiding country roads. Since these are not speed camera pillars, the pillars are from the company Great Collect also in one painted in a flashy bright blue. So far (and still) the truck toll is also recorded via the well-known, large toll bridges on motorways. In Germany, trucks over 7.5 tons currently have to pay tolls on a total of around 12,000 kilometers.

In our next article we will explain how to recognize (real) speed cameras using white markings on the road.

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