Bob Cousy Net Worth

Bob Cousy Net Worth

Bob Cousy is a professional basketball player who has played for the Boston Celtics. During his career, he has won six NBA Championships and was a thirteen time All-Star. In addition, Bob was a coach and a marketing consultant for the Celtics. He made a career out of playing and coaching, and has had an extensive net worth since he retired.

As a former point guard for the Boston Celtics, Bob Cousy led the NBA in assists eight consecutive seasons. In 1957, he was named the Most Valuable Player of the NBA. Bob has been awarded with several awards throughout his lifetime, including a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Bob Cousy grew up in the Yorkville neighborhood of Manhattan’s East Side during the Great Depression. His father was a taxi driver who served in the German Army during World War I. After attending Andrew Jackson High School in Queens, New York, he went on to college at Holy Cross. While in college, he met his future wife, Missie Agnes Ritterbusch. The two were married in 1950. They have two children. Sadly, Missie died in September 2013.

A longtime color analyst for the Celtics, Cousy was named the commissioner of the American Soccer League from 1974 to 1979. Having made a name for himself in the NBA, he became a celebrity in the sporting world. He also made a splash as an actor and TV show host.

Known for his strong anti-racist attitude, Bob was a member of the Boston Celtics from the team’s inception in 1950 until he announced his retirement in 1963. Before his retirement, he was the team’s leading scorer, with an average of 15.7 points per game. However, as he grew older, his numbers began to drop statistically, and he was voted into the All-NBA Second Team after ten consecutive First Team nominations.

Bob Cousy started his career in the NBA at age 18. He was drafted in the 1950 NBA draft by the Tri-Cities Blackhawks. Later, he joined the Holy Cross Crusaders men’s basketball team. Once there, he played alongside Bill Russell and other great NBA players. In 1963, Bob published his autobiography, which chronicled his life and basketball career.

Bob Cousy was born in New York City on August 9, 1928. His parents were French immigrants who lived in the East Side of Manhattan. His family suffered from the Great Depression. Despite the hardships, Bob learned to speak English in school. One of his first games was stickball with children from minority groups.

Bob Cousy was married to his college sweetheart Missie Agnes Ritterbusch. During their marriage, they had two daughters. Sadly, Missie suffered from dementia for a number of years. She passed away in September 2013. Although Bob has retired, he continues to make television appearances with Mike Gorman, his ex-Celtic teammate. Since 1980, he has been a color analyst on Celtics telecasts.

Bob Cousy’s net worth is estimated at $4 million in 2022. The American basketball player’s career was successful, and he has been awarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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