Bombardier – BRP – Can-Am

Bombardier – BRP – Can-Am

How a brand has evolved over the years…


Bombardier: logo until 2004…

A few years ago, the motorized leisure division of the global corporation Bombardier became an independent company that (apart from part of its company name) has nothing to do with the original parent company: Bombardier Recreational Products Inc., the full company name and better known as BRP, designs, manufactures and sells motorized recreation products around the world. In detail, these are the following areas and brands:
– ATV: Can-Am (formerly Bombardier ATVs)
– Jet Boats: Sea-Doo
– Recreational Boats: Sea-Doo
– Outboard engines: Evinrude
– Outboard engines: Johnson
– Snowmobiles: Ski-Doo and Lynx
– Engines: Rotax
– Karts: Rotax
Important for the ATV & Quad sector: Bombardier ATV became Can-Am. In the ATV sector, the change from the Bombardier group to the new company BRP went largely unnoticed for a long time – probably also because the brand name ‘Bombardier ATV’ initially remained for the ATVs. In 2006, the time had come for a change. BRP shifted the focus of its new ATV models from the utility area to the sport and SUV area. The powerful Outlander 800 model was the first measurable success for this new strategy, and the brand name change was intended to further underscore the new direction.


… and the logo from 2004

Can-Am was a natural choice as a new brand name. Because already in the early 1970s, Can-Am was a byword for victorious motocross championships in the USA. It represented passion in motorsport, dedication and the desire to leave the ordinary behind and strive for something higher. So there was nothing more natural than rekindling that passion and replacing the Bombardier ATV brand name with Can-Am.
Bombardier or Can-Am – for the ATV & Quad community it is particularly important to know that the Can-Am vehicles are produced by BRP and therefore have the same origins as the Bombardier ATVs once did.


Beginning in 2006, BRP vehicles are simply called Can-Am.

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