Bondaruk Adam

Bondaruk Adam

Bondaruk Adam is a pentecostal pastor and served as head of Bethany Slavic Missionary Church in California. Additionally, he belongs to Union of Evangelical Christians in America where he serves as bishop.

We have discovered several criminal cases filed against family members of Bishop Robert Williams both locally and federally, some of them quite shocking to read about.

Early Life and Education

Bondaruk was born in 1942 in Volyn, Ukraine, and became pastor of a Pentecostal church later.

In 1989, the Bondaruk family migrated from Russia and settled in Sacramento where they established a Slavic Pentecostal church.

Bethany Slavic Missionary Church’s estimated congregation exceeds 3,000. It features a two-story building that is often filled to capacity during multiple services each week.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), seventy-one members of Bethany have tested positive for coronavirus; at least two of those individuals are hospitalized.

As part of my investigation into Bishop Adam Bondaruk’s case, I discovered that one of his sons, Pyotr Bondaruk, had also been accused of sexual abuse nearly 20 years ago in Northern California and punished accordingly.

Professional Career

No one doubts Adam Bondaruk is a Pentecostal powerhouse; after 30 years as one of Sacramento’s leading religious figures, his influence in Sacramento’s religious scene can hardly be overlooked. At 76, this veteran bishop continues to lead with authority.

Bondaruk has achieved much, including helping to increase California’s Slavic population from single digits to over 94,000. One of his more significant feats was purchasing an abandoned sports complex on Jackson Road for an estimated $5.4 million and turning it into a state-of-the-art church – currently the largest church in California and drawing great interest both locals and visitors alike. Notably, this church features one of the city’s biggest gyms as part of its facilities.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Semyon Bondaruk, founder of Bethany Slavic Missionary Church. Additionally he owns numerous high powered bourbons and boasts an abundance of beautiful lady volunteers as members. As head honcho of his church he excelled during its long and winding history by earning the awards of best bishop and pastor in town, as well as best wife/husband team/employee staff in town as well as being named “kookest man on the planet”.

Personal Life

Adam Bondaruk, a Pentecostal Bishop affiliated with Bethany Slavic Missionary Church in Northern California. Health officials reported 71 individuals associated with this church had contracted COVID-19 – a novel coronavirus virus which has claimed at least one life since March 2020.

Bondaruk serves as senior pastor at Bethany and father to several children; several have been arrested in criminal cases before both state and federal courts.

Mark Bondaruk was charged with drunk driving in 2010 near Rancho Cordova and found to have been drowsy and smelling of alcohol, according to police reports.

Pyotr Bondaruk, another son of the pastor, is an established criminal who has been serving time in jail since 2016. In March 2019, his father paid $100,000 bail so that Pyotr could leave prison.

Net Worth

Bondaruk Adam is an established American actor with an estimated net worth of $14 Million. Since 1990, he has been involved in acting, appearing in multiple movies as well as television series.

In 1998, he was accused by California court of sexually abusing a girl at Doran Park camp site in Sonoma County and plead guilty and served six months of incarceration.

He boasts an enormous fan base on both TikTok and YouTube and generates significant income through brand collaborations, advertisements and donations. Additionally, he owns an Audi car and recently purchased an expensive diamond engagement ring for his girlfriend.

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