Book With The Chapter How They Dress In Tahiti

Book With the Chapter “How They Dress in Tahiti”

The missionaries tried to change the fashion of the Tahitians but they were unable to bring about much change. They tried to bring a new style of dress to Tahiti but were rebuffed by the women in their culture. Women in Tahiti are less attractive than men in every way, from the way they dress to their personal appearance. Tahiti women wear a small hole in their ears and a scarlet or white head flower. Women in Tahiti also wear a cocoa-nut leaf crown. Sadly, they seem to need to change into a costume even more than men.

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Another interesting fact about the Tahitians, is their ability to swim in water. Ellis tells of a horse who fell into the water, and the Tahitians ran away from it. This horse was then christened the man-carrying pig.

The tattoos on the bodies of most Tahitians follow the curve of the body gracefully. A common pattern is like a crown on a palm tree, springing from the central line on the back and curling around both sides. The Tahiti man’s naked body is reminiscent of a noble tree surrounded by delicate creepers.

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