Books Like Mondays Not Coming

In her debut novel, Claudia Coleman searches for her best friend, Monday Charles. She is missing and nobody seems to notice. Claudia is unable to help but wonder what happened her best friend. This YA thriller is an interesting and thought-provoking read. While the story revolves around a missing girl, the underlying themes are important for all readers. This story will make you want more information about the human condition and a realistic look at a teenage girl’s life.

Claudia discovers that her best friend won’t be returning to her on Monday in a story about friendship. Her best friend has been missing for a long time, and she’s worried that she’ll never see her again. Her mother doesn’t give her any answers, and her sister is even less helpful. However, Monday’s parents won’t tell her anything. So Claudia starts to wonder if her friend is okay and if she is in trouble.

The basic idea of the book is that Monday and Claudia are childhood friends. They have no other friends. They share the same father and home. Their friendship is very special for them both. But when Claudia and Monday get to know each other, they become closer than ever. This enticing story will keep you turning the pages. It’s easy for characters to fall in a love, but it’s not easy to fall for them.

Claudia is fourteen years of age and lives in Georgia with her parents. She is worried about her best friend, Monday, because she hasn’t written her a letter during the summer. She begins to notice that Monday isn’t coming back, but she’s not getting any answers from her family. And after she starts making phone calls to her distant grandmama, Claudia starts to worry about her best friend.

Claudia’s parents were truck drivers and her mom runs a catering company from her home. She’s well-clothed, and she has a great neighborhood. She can afford to take a dance class and a tutor, but Monday is not able to do so. Although her parents don’t have much money, her parents are happy and a great example of how to make a book like mondays not come easily.

Claudia, a 14-year-old girl who lives with her parents in Washington DC, is the main character of the book. Monday is her only friend and they have been best friends for many years. One day Monday doesn’t answer her phone. Claudia begins to worry about Monday when her parents don’t answer the phone. Claudia is unable to remember if she will be able see her best friend Monday, but she does want to keep her best friend’s name in her thoughts.

Claudia’s parents work hard to provide a stable income for their family. However, she only has one friend. Her mother runs a catering company from her home and her father owns a small catering company. Her parents can afford to send her to dance classes, and Monday’s tutor is the only way she can be with her friends. The book is sweet and great for teens who love to talk with their best friend.

The plot isn’t linear, but it is a compelling read. The book’s events happen backwards and forwards in time, but Claudia is still searching for her best friend. Her family isn’t giving up on their best friend. They are trying to find something to do together, but she isn’t coming back. Her father gave her an adult coloring book.

The plot is typical YA fiction with lots of humor and emotion. The first half of the novel is about Claudia’s summer with her grandmother in Georgia. Claudia is away from her family, but she is concerned about her best friend. After a while, Monday doesn’t appear to answer the phone when she calls and her father gives her a coloring book. It doesn’t help that she is an artist’s daughter.

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