Books Like One Day In December

Books Like One Day in December

For a holiday read, One Day in December is a fantastic option. It combines themes of self-discovery and friendship while also highlighting the complexities of character growth. Set over 10 years, the story is told in short scenes, avoiding a slow start and confusing the reader. It will definitely keep you reading well into the New Year. For more holiday reads, check out our list of books like One Day in December.

Josie Silver’s One Day in December

If you’re looking for a cute holiday read, consider reading Josie Silver’s “One Day in December.” The title suggests a snowy night on a double-decker bus where Laurie locks eyes with a handsome stranger. While Laurie’s parents don’t approve of romantic notions, she does, and she spends the next year keeping her eyes peeled for the Bus Boy.

Josie Silver’s debut novel is a fun coming-of-age tale that explores themes of truth in friendship and identity. The premise is over the top, but the characters are likable and relatable, and the love triangle is engrossing. If you’re looking for a book that’ll keep you guessing and keeping you turning pages, One Day in December is definitely worth reading.

The story follows Laurie James, a twenty-something in contemporary London. She lives with her best friend, who is worried about her long distance from family. The book revolves around her search for love and her quest to leave her temporary hotel receptionist job to pursue her dream job in magazine publishing. During a bus journey one day, Laurie spots a man inside a red city bus. The two strike up an instant connection, but the two continue to drive away together. They spend the next year trying to figure out if they have any lingering feelings for each other.

Other Christmas rom-coms

Some of the best Christmas rom-coms take place during the holidays, so why not treat yourself this season? This season, watch a classic Christmas movie! This all-star cast includes Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, and Renee Zellweger. Among other stars, this romantic comedy also features the best first kiss scene ever. Whether you’re a lover or a cynic, there’s a holiday movie for you.

The Happyest Season is a Christmas rom-com that defies the genre’s usual heteronormativity. This gay-friendly Christmas film is the first one to break the gender norms of the genre, and has been met with much criticism. Thankfully, Lifetime and Hallmark have decided to address this issue by greenlighting a gay Christmas movie for 2020. Happiest Season will premiere on Hulu on Nov. 25, the day before Thanksgiving, and will be available on the streaming service through that date.

Another Hallmark movie that draws on the Christmas rom-com tropes is “Just Friends.” This movie, starring Ryan Reynolds and Jennifer Notas Shapiro, is an excellent Christmas rom-com. While it may not inspire Christmas cheer, it’s a funny holiday movie that explores the experiences of a young city man living in his hometown. It’s a perfect choice for a romantic night out with your best friend.

Netflix has made more rom-coms over the last year. “The Christmas Prince” is one of their most popular movies. The movie is a Christmas-themed comedy that follows the typical rom-com plot: a girl meets a prince, falls in love, and then tries to convince him she’s the one. In fact, “The Christmas Prince” has spawned a sequel, “Christmas Inheritance.”

Other Christmas rom-coms are also becoming increasingly popular. The Knight Before Christmas, starring Vanessa Hudgens, is another classic involving time-travel, magic, and medieval dress. A love triangle breaks out between Abby and Josh, and she has to decide whether she’ll pursue her dreams or stay true to her career. The romance is so cute, it’s almost too much for the holidays to stand still!

YA Christmas rom-coms

If you want to read a holiday romance novel, there are several options for YA readers. In a Holidaze, Christina Lauren introduces readers to two brothers and a woman trapped in a time loop. “One Day in December” is another option, featuring a teen boy who is swept off his feet by a girl named Lynn. If you enjoy baking, “Mangos & Mistletoe” by Adriana Herrera is perfect for your reading list.

Another YA Christmas rom-com is “One Day in December,” a novel by Josie Silver, which focuses on the power of true love and the importance of friendship. While Laurie isn’t looking for love, she’s struck by the sight of a handsome young man through the window of a bus. However, the bus quickly pulls away, and Laurie doesn’t get the chance to speak to him. Despite their friendship, Laurie and Jack eventually fall in love and end up married.

The Holiday Calendar is another Christmas rom-com. This one stars Michael Urie as a struggling photographer who inherits a quaint antique advent calendar from his late father. As he uses the calendar, he learns about Christmas magic and realizes she’ll want to date her hot best friend. This movie has a traditional Christmas theme, complete with snow and coziness, as well as a sexy Santa photo shoot.

A Christmas Prince is another Christmas movie that follows the usual rom-com formula. In this movie, a journalist goes undercover to expose a playboy prince, but falls in love with him as she does. The setting is cold, snow-capped mountains, and plenty of holiday cheer. The film was so popular, it spawned two sequels! The teen romance has an unusual twist, but the premise is still charming.

In addition to YA Christmas rom-coms, there are also several classic romantic comedies that take place around the holidays. If you are looking for a romantic holiday movie to watch, you can watch the classic One Day in December trilogy. A Christmas Prince trilogy is also a good option, but be warned that it is not suitable for younger readers. It contains adult language and some nude scenes.

Feel-good Christmas books

It’s Christmastime again, and feeling good is a great feeling, especially when you’re reading one of the many feel-good Christmas books out there. This year, you should pick up one of these titles to warm your heart and get you in the holiday spirit. In this story, a young widow is determined to make the holidays special for her kids after her husband passed away. She has never gotten over the loss of her husband and wants to make Christmas special for her kids.

One Day in December is an excellent feel-good holiday book. It features a disillusioned ex-con trying to get a fresh start, and a cheerful department store owner desperate for a window dresser. This Christmas, they learn about each other’s dark secret pasts, which makes them more human than they had ever imagined. This delightful, sweet, and unforgettable story is sure to warm your heart.

The author has been a prolific writer of holiday poems for decades, and she shines on the subject of Christmas poetry with Amazing Peace. She uses the season to inspire serenity and togetherness, and her poems capture the spirit of Christmas with an uplifting message. One day in December has been the quintessential Christmas book for generations. It follows the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, a man who hates Christmas, who changes after receiving a visit from three ghosts. The novel also reprints four lesser-known Dickens Christmas tales.

If you’re looking for a cozy holiday book, consider a Christmas mystery novel. In the book, the main character rediscovers childhood letters to Santa, and remembers her dreams. She also finds a live baby in a manger at a Christmas program, and hires a fake holiday date to bring joy to her family. This novel has everything from romance to humor to make your holiday season bright. So, read on and enjoy the season!

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