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Bosch robotic lawnmowers – the future of the garden has already begun!

Now the sun is shining more and more often and we are all looking forward to higher outside temperatures. With the arrival of the warmer season, the gardening season also begins. Not only hobby gardeners have their hands full now, but also those house and garden owners who like a well-tended outdoor area. An important part of gardening is undoubtedly mowing the lawn, because a properly cut lawn contributes a lot to the good look of the entire garden. Yes, but as we know from our own experience, mowing the lawn is actually a tiresome activity. In addition, this has to be done once every two weeks so that the lawn looks well cared for and invites you to spend cozy hours in the sun. Thanks to the new technologies, however, this can easily be changed. Mowing the lawn is no longer a problem, because the robotic lawn mowers from Bosch are here! That means only one thing: the future of garden maintenance has already begun!

The robotic lawnmower from Bosch has a futuristic design and simple operation!

Mähroboter von Bosch futuristisches Design einfache Bedienung

  • What are the advantages of a robotic lawnmower?

A robotic lawnmower is basically a compact device that is designed to relieve you of the exhausting and time-consuming gardening work. Thanks to this little gardening helper, the lawn is traversed without human guidance and the grass is cut completely autonomously. This ensures you the comfort of organizing and enjoying your free time according to your own wishes. Because of this, these garden tools are becoming increasingly popular. The Bosch company offers models on the market with a compact design and simple operation. For example, the Indego product line is becoming more and more popular. That is why we want to list the most important advantages of these modern gardening aids here.

The advantages of the robotic lawnmowers from Bosch at a glance:

  1. The lawn mowing is automated. The robotic lawn mowers from Bosch mow the lawn independently, without human help.
  2. It’s easy to install and configure. Once done right, you will always have an irreplaceable garden helper by your side.
  3. You can determine the lawn to be worked on yourself. Thanks to the so-called orientation cable, the device knows in which area it should mow and easily avoids obstacles such as trees and bushes.
  4. A robotic lawnmower from Bosch is an all-rounder on the lawn and can work on areas of different sizes and with different slopes. However, lawns at ground level without many obstacles are ideal.
  5. Bosch robotic lawnmowers offer high-quality work capacity and do not make any additional noise outside. You can also set the robotic lawnmower’s working hours yourself. They also have clever safety functions so that the possible risk of injury is reduced to a minimum.

This is the way to relaxed lawn care!

Mähroboter von Bosch über Smartphone gesteuert

  • The Bosch Indego S+ Robotic lawnmower paves the way for intelligent lawn care.

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages of all Bosch robotic lawn mowers, the Indego S + model has some extra plus points that you would not want to do without. They pave the way for the future of gardening and show that lawn care can be made even more intelligent and convenient. The little gardening helper has a LogiCut navigation system and mows in parallel paths, saving the battery and working quietly. The device can then be controlled by the Bosch Smart Gardening app or by Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. You can start and stop your robotic lawnmower remotely and park it in the base station. You have the option of monitoring the robot lawn mower using your smartphone or tablet or using the voice assistant. While you are quietly working in the office, playing sports or enjoying your vacation, the lawn in your garden is being mowed. The Smart Mowing and Multi Area functions make your everyday life even more pleasant!

Mowing the lawn has never been so easy!

Mähroboter von Bosch machen Rasenmähen ganz einfach

Forget the traditional mowing of the lawn and let your dream of a well-tended garden come true by treating yourself to a Bosch Indego S + robot lawn mower. With this you start the future of gardening and you will definitely like it a lot!

Now you finally have more time for your hobbies!

Mähroboter von Bosch sichert Ihnen Zeit für Hobbys

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