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Botanical elements conquer the interior design

A new trend is trying to establish itself: botanical elements and floral patterns are currently conquering interior design. From unusual wallpaper patterns to flower arrangements to climbing plants, you can find other natural elements in the interior. Regardless of how they are presented – either in abundance or introduced very discreetly and tastefully, the botany brings a feeling of lightness and tranquility into all interiors, and perhaps especially into the children’s room. Today we want to show you some of the best picture examples for the use of botanical elements in the interior. Think about whether they are also suitable for your children’s bedroom or playroom or not!

1st picture: K: This print on the wall in the children’s room certainly awakens the desire to play hide and seek with the little ones
Tree House – Print by Scout Editions

Deco ideas nursery wall decoration

This print on the wall in the nursery will certainly make you want to play hide and seek with the little ones

This print in A5 format brings the magic of hide and seek into the nursery and emphasizes the romance of a tree house itself. This would look cute either in the middle of other decorative objects (or green plants, as in the photo here), on a shelf or as a centerpiece on a neutral wall in a minimalist room with dark wooden elements.

Pine monstera leaf from Lala Loves Décor

Wall colors ideas for children's rooms wood

A monstera sheet made of wood or rattan could also decorate a wall in your home

The Monstera leaf is currently very popular because of its graphically very interesting shape. It can be a successful eye-catcher in any room and can be combined very well with other printed products and textiles. Made from pine wood, the Monstera leaf exudes all its beauty. This is an earthy element and works particularly well in a neutral ambience in which gray-brown to light gray tones dominate. The Monstera leaf is usually made from pine or beech wood, often also from cork or rattan.

Admirable natural beauty as a postcard from My Deer Art Shop

Nursery wall paint botanical elements

My Deer Art Shop presents a series of three postcards that truly reflect the beauty of nature

This is just one of three cards devoted to the subject of “botanical elements” and produced in A5 or A3 format. This art print in the photo above reveals the charm of the little things in nature. The beauty is all around us, we just have to discover and admire it. Each print can be easily fixed on the wall with white washi tape for example. Next to this tendril, the artistic print looks just perfect.

Frame picture frame by the Danish design label Moebe made of oak

Nursery wall paint ideas flowers

Elegant picture frame by Moebe made of oak

The “Frame” is the first product from the Moebe design label from Copenhagen, Denmark. The acrylic glass is provided with a frame made of oak, free of superfluous details. This product is a mini miracle and proves the magic of good design. Combine with dried pressed flowers and create your own piece of art that will decorate the room.

A snow white art print by Trine Holbaek Designs

Nature wall nursery decor ideas

An all white art print, inspired by the northern nature of Denmark

Danish artists at Trine Holbaek Designs are obviously heavily influenced by what they call “northern nature”. This art print in snow white is perfect proof of her source of inspiration. It would fit perfectly in a minimalist interior. The print exudes northern calm and serenity. That would be a nice addition to a simply designed nursery, especially when paired with neutral bedding and brass accents.

Cotton plant as an art print and palm leaf as a postcard by Danish design studio By Garmi

Children's room decoration with pastel color design

What pastel color is your favorite here?

Danish design studio By Garmi has produced a number of art prints based on the motto “botanical elements in the interior”. I love these two examples: the soft color of the cotton plant next to the prickly green of the printed palm frond postcard (it’s just one of the eight in the Flora series of postcards).
As an alternative to the white color scheme, you can still see that pink pastel shade and the olive green on the palm leaf. This is how you achieved the perfect visual balance in this photo.

And don’t forget the children’s books!
The main purpose of a children’s book, of course, is to be read aloud. The children’s stories have to please the little ones and develop their imaginations. But well-chosen examples can also be used as wall art. You can pair beautiful pictures from the children’s books with some green and introduce this combination into your children’s room design. Not only the little ones, but adults too, admire these tree houses, fairytale castles in the air and a few botanical elements every time you enter the children’s room.

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