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Box spring bed or normal bed? Which one ensures the desired sleeping comfort?

Our modern way of life is too dynamic, which is why our everyday work is too strenuous and even stressful. In the evening you long for real comfort in your own four walls. In order to relax well there, you absolutely need a healthy night’s sleep. First of all, you need a comfortable bed, then a quiet and pleasant atmosphere in the bedroom. Only then can you enjoy a good night’s sleep at home. How are things going with you at the moment? Is your bed comfortable enough or do you want to replace it with a new one? Perhaps you are already thinking about buying a trendy box spring bed, right? In this case you have come to the right place. In this article we want to compare modern box spring beds with normal beds. We report on the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of beds and thereby help you to make an informed decision for a really comfortable bed.

A comfortable upholstered bed can serve you well for many years to come, but there are better alternatives on the market.

komfortables Polsterbett

  • Box spring bed or normal bed – pros and cons

Despite the growing popularity of box spring beds, we want to make an objective comparison between box spring beds and a normal bed. For this purpose, we have selected important aspects and compared both types of beds according to these criteria.

  1. Major differences in structure

Both types of bed are designed very differently. Traditionally, normal beds have a slatted frame on which the mattress lies. The slatted frames are made from wooden slats, which is why a normal bed with a slatted frame cannot cope with our high demands for lying and sleeping comfort.

Many people want to replace their standard bed with a modern box spring bed.

Viele Leute wollen ihr Standardbett durch ein modernes Boxspringbett ersetzen.

A box spring bed is constructed very differently. The most important part of a box spring bed is its spring-loaded box, after which the name box spring bed comes. This bed has a base made of metal or solid wood and a spring core made of pocket or Bonell springs. The mattress is placed on the base. This can be covered with a layer of latex, viscose foam and cold foam. A box spring bed also has a topper, a headboard, a foot set and, depending on the design, a footboard. Configurable box spring beds are currently a particular trend. With these you can choose and put together all the necessary parts yourself, depending on your own needs and personal preferences. This gives you the chance to determine the design, material, mattress, topper and feet according to your taste and style and to create your dream bed yourself.

With the box spring beds, you have the option of configuring your dream bed yourself.

Bei den Boxspringbetten haben Sie die Möglichkeit Ihr Wunschbett selbst zu konfigurieren.

  1. It’s all about sleeping comfort

We are far from the thought that a normal bed is not really comfortable to sleep. But on the contrary. Its padded mattress is quite comfortable and you can sleep well on it. It guarantees a good night’s sleep. How best to sleep is also a matter of personal priorities.

However, a box spring bed has an important advantage in terms of sleeping comfort. As mentioned earlier, this modern bed has a topper. This comes as a “third layer” on the mattress and turns sleeping into a pleasure. The topper ensures 100% sleeping comfort and invites you to linger comfortably in the box spring bed. In addition, the special structure makes the box spring bed completely noiseless, which cannot always be said of a standard bed with a slatted frame.

The special structure of a box spring bed ensures you a new level of sleeping comfort.

Der besondere Aufbau eines Boxspringbettes sichert Ihnen einen neuen Schlafkomfort.

  1. Further pros and cons of the two bed types

Before deciding on either a box spring bed or a regular bed, there are other aspects of both types to consider. In short, these should not be underestimated. Here we mean the height of the beds, the firmness of the mattresses and some additional extras.

A box spring bed is usually higher than a normal bed because it has three layers under construction. This makes getting on the bed easier and makes getting up much easier. It is a great advantage especially for the elderly and the disabled.

A box spring bed is much higher than a normal bed.

Ein Boxspringbett ist viel höher als ein normales Bett

It is well known that if you have spent the night in an uncomfortable sleeping position, you often get back pain. When it comes to the firmness of the mattress, however, opinions differ, as some prefer to sleep on hard mattresses, while others prefer soft ones. Do not forget, however, that your own weight is decisive when choosing a hard or soft mattress, as the degrees of hardness are not yet standardized. Currently they vary from 1 to 5, but they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Your own body weight is decisive when determining the degree of firmness of the mattress.

Ihr eigenes Körpergewicht ist bei der Bestimmung des Härtegrades der Matratze ausschlaggebend

Actually, one can still write a lot about the advantages of a modern box spring bed compared to a normal bed. We just want to point out that these models also have practical storage space, which is missing in the usual beds. In addition, box spring beds with LED lighting are currently very trendy, for very practical and completely understandable reasons.

Extra tip: Before you decide to buy, however, seek more detailed advice in the furniture store or online shop about the pros and cons of the two types of bed. Read some essential sleeping tips online that can help you choose a comfortable bed.

A box spring bed would bring a new aesthetic to your bedroom.

Ein Boxspringbett würde eine neue Ästhetik in Ihr Schlafzimmer bringen

  • Box spring beds are not a fad, but rather a practical solution

Last but not least, we want to report something important about the box spring beds. The comparison presented here actually resulted from the fact that box spring beds are becoming more and more popular with us. We only knew this recently from luxury hotels around the world. They have actually been known for a long time in Canada, Scandinavia and the USA. For some years now, they have also become a trend here in Germany. They conquer the German bedrooms and bring a touch of luxury with them. But they are not a fad when it comes to furnishing and designing stylish bedrooms. These score points with their comfort and elegant look and inspire us in many practical aspects. On the one hand, they ensure a new level of sleeping comfort, on the other hand, their modern look brings a new aesthetic to the bedroom.

Here we just wanted to briefly inform you about the advantages of a trendy box spring bed compared to a standard bed. We leave the final decision up to you!

Box spring bed or standard bed? The choice is entirely up to you!

Boxspringbett oder Standardbett

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