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Box spring beds – the smart choice for a high level of sleeping comfort and an elegant look

For millions of people around the world, bedroom decor is their top priority when moving into a new house or redecorating their old apartment. The bedroom is an important place of retreat for modern people, which should ensure a lot of rest, the best sleeping comfort and proper relaxation. There you want to relieve the stress of everyday life and enjoy a healthy sleep. For that purpose each of us needs a comfortable bed, right? Yes, but in most cases that is not enough, because nowadays you have ever higher demands on your bed and bedroom furnishings. Now there are good opportunities to meet these high demands of modern people, because the Box spring beds are here! These have become very important for bedroom furnishings in recent years and are currently conquering our private bedrooms. In addition to the highest level of sleeping comfort, they also offer an individual design and a sublime look. That makes them unbeatable and very popular!

Moderne Schlafzimmereinrichtung bequemes Boxspringbett blau grau weiß

How important is your bedroom furniture to you?

Many readers may already be familiar with the following information, but for some it would be exciting and brand new. We definitely find it necessary to summarize the most important advantages of box spring beds again and to present them at a glance. Just before that, we allow ourselves a few sentences about the history of the development of these beds.

The box spring beds are coming originally from the USA, where they were developed years ago as new bed systems. At first they were only found in luxury hotels, which is why box spring beds are also known as hotel beds, American beds or continental beds. In terms of their structure, they differ significantly from conventional beds. While the old bed models usually consist of a bed frame, slatted frame and mattress, the box spring beds have other components that are arranged in four layers.

Boxspringbett modernes Modell besten Schlafkomfort

You can choose from different models of box spring beds

the construction The American bed is very different from that of the original bed. The box spring beds do not have a slatted frame, but a box spring, namely a frame (box) with suspension. The box is a sturdy wooden frame in which the suspension is located. Bonell springs or barrel pocket springs are used here, which provide uniform suspension on all sides of the bed. The box stands on feet so that the air can circulate well under the bed.

There are still two layers on top of the box spring, namely the mattress and the so-called topper. The most popular mattresses are with a spring core. The following rule applies here: the more springs, the better the support force of the mattress. There are mattresses with a polyether cover and those with a cold foam cover. This makes it possible for the mattress to quickly return to its original shape. The elasticity always ensures a high level of comfort when lying and sleeping. At the very top there is a thin mattress called a topper. On the one hand, it is gentle on the mattress and can be adapted to individual needs. The topper offers optimal comfort and guarantees you an undisturbed and healthy sleep.

Boxspringbett Topper maximaler Schlafkomfort

The topper ensures you maximum sleeping comfort

Boxspringbett Topper Matratze anpassen

The topper is adapted to the mattress

But that does not mean that the advantages of box spring beds are exhausted. These have a completely different look compared to conventional beds. They are taller, making it easier to get in and out, have modern designs and come in different sizes, shapes and colors. The firmness of the mattresses can also vary from H1 to H5. The noble appearance of these beds is usually rounded off by an elegant headboard, which emphasizes the individual design. All components of the box spring beds have good thermal insulation, are easy to care for and durable.

After this detailed information, we can briefly summarize the most important plus points of the box spring beds:

  • Perfect sleeping comfort
  • Comfortable lying height
  • Opulent look
  • Good air circulation under the mattress
  • Pronounced thermal insulation
  • Durable and easy to care for
Boxspringbetten Kopfteil verschiedene Varianten

The headboard can be made in different versions – with buttons, with quilted squares or made-to-measure for a slope

Boxspringbett Kopfteil für eine Schräge individuelles Design konfigurieren

You have numerous options for individually configuring your box spring bed

  • Where can you find the best range of box spring beds online?

The decision will certainly not be difficult for you and you would like to treat yourself to real sleeping comfort with a new box spring bed. But now comes the question of how and, above all, where you can find the right box spring bed. We would help you with your search again and would like to recommend an excellent online shop right away. There you are guaranteed to find a rich selection of models, whereby you can configure your box spring bed individually. The range is multifaceted and includes comfortable models for every budget. We definitely want to mention our favorites – the Rockstar box spring bed, which is the number 1 best seller on Amazon in the corresponding category.

Modernes Schlafzimmer Boxspringbett Komfort edle Optik

Does your bedroom look the same?

Our extra tip: Do not doubt for a long time, because the models are only available for a short time and in limited numbers. So that you are not spoiled for choice, you can call right away and get expert advice. Online you can also find out a lot about the range and prices of box spring beds and even surprise yourself!

Our editorial team wishes you a smart choice and the best sleeping comfort in your new box spring bed!

Boxspringbetten perfekter Schlafkomfort edle Optik

Treat yourself to perfect sleeping comfort at night and a stylish look during the day!

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