Braking with an electric handbrake in an emergency?

More and more vehicles are being equipped with an electric handbrake instead of a mechanical handbrake lever. This has several advantages: Firstly, it looks much better and saves space, and it is also much more convenient to use. In addition, if activated when the vehicle is parked, the parking brake will be applied with appropriate force – not too lightly, which can happen with manual brakes.

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New car owners often have concerns about braking with the electric handbrake in an emergency. An emergency, for example on the highway at 130 km/h, can be that the driver faints or overlooks an obstacle such as a very slow vehicle. Here it would be good if the passenger had the opportunity to operate the brake. This is not a problem with an electronic handbrake: With almost all manufacturers, it is sufficient to constantly pull/press the handbrake button. The vehicle is then braked with high braking force. In contrast to conventional handbrakes that are applied fully or too suddenly, there is no need to worry that the vehicle will veer off track: during an emergency braking operation with an electronic handbrake, the wheels are braked evenly. Anyone can try it out on the road at slow speeds of up to 20 km/h.

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