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Bright roof terrace apartment with an open space concept

This open penthouse apartment used to belong to a former craftsman, it was completely refurbished and renovated ten years ago. The new owner wanted a consistent room concept with two opposing terraces. Check out this exciting space planning with minimalist design:
What was the main idea when redesigning this apartment? Great importance was attached to the design of the master bedroom with its own bathroom. In addition, the designer emphasized the clear role of each room during the day and night.
The living space is 50m2 and the terrace area is an additional 20m2: the real challenge lay in the distribution of these areas. There was a threat of a lack of storage space. The solution was to include the terrace in the living space, separate from the sleeping area. Arched wall shelf serves as a casual room divider between the living room and bedroom.
The existing living space had to be designed systematically, at the same time harmoniously and flexibly. The clear concept of the living spaces was achieved using integrated, fold-out furniture, e.g. the kitchen unit hidden behind wooden fronts. The designer could justly be proud of the bright, natural, light-flooded current design.
The open kitchen-living room represents the core part of the apartment. The spacious kitchen block with integrated counter serves as a dining table and work surface at the same time. The wooden fronts not only hide the kitchenette, but also the wardrobes that lead to the sleeping area.

Foldable kitchen counter, wooden front

Kitchenette in a retro look with a foldable furniture element

Eat-in kitchen light wood front built-in wall shelf

With the help of the wall shelf, a uniform living situation with extra storage space is created

Large-format floor tiles cover the entire floor area in the living room.

Wall decoration, geometrically original, wooden front

Unique wall decorations create a gorgeous look

The sofa with its unique flexible design was positioned on a built-in pedestal and quickly leads out to the roof terrace.

Penhouse apartment modern wooden fronts light white

Small-sized penthouse apartment offers a feeling of subdued luxury

Without losing sight of the airiness achieved, the exit to the terrace area was set up with folding doors that disappear into the wall. With a concrete look, color-coordinated and equipped with matching geometric shapes, everything looks completely different today.

Transition level living room terrace

Seamless transition from the living area to the roof terrace

Natural daylight reaches all parts of the compact top floor apartment. The white walls and the light wooden fronts illuminate the small room. The contemporary-looking designer apartment is characterized by simple design and withdrawn luxury. The redesign of this apartment was conceived by the interior designer Josep Ruà. It is located in Valencia, Spain.

Roof terrace planting modern wood look

Abundant planting and modern, eclectic terrace design

Kitchen-living room wall shelf counter stool wood white

Open kitchen-living room with uniform wooden fronts and wall shelves

Master bedroom en suite wood fronts stone colors

Minimalist master bedroom with en-suite bathroom

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