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Brilliant DIY toys made of cardboard The old packaging is transformed into great toys

Play with the children. Build your own stage out of cardboard

If your child likes ice cream, make a giant cardboard ice cream

Who doesn’t like homemade toys? They are a great way to have a fun time with your kids and keep the results for future games. Create fascinating toys together with your little ones and help them to develop their imagination and creativity. New ideas are always welcome. Let your child play the main role and help out with more difficult tasks like cutting, drawing, and assembling. Do not set fixed rules and have a lot of fun with your sweetheart.

Today we offer you some brilliant ideas on how to breathe new life into old cardboard packaging. Set your own accents and let the exciting game begin!

Homemade stage from cardboard

Children's room DIY games Make your own stage out of cardboard

The DIY stage is a great accent in the nursery

Create a fabulous theater at home and play your favorite plays with your child. Take some old cardboard boxes, some duct tape, white paint and fire up all your imagination. Make all the elements that a normal stage has – decor, curtains and anything else you can think of. Decorate your stage with white paint and if the pieces are played in the evening, ensure the right lighting – a lightbulb with a long cord is quite sufficient. Get comfortable seating for the general public.

Make a DIY city street out of old cardboard boxes

Convert old boxes into toys. Paint city street yourself

This creative toy doubles as a storage box for all small cars

Your child is rolling their cars right on the floor and that is driving you crazy? Stop! Make a stylish city street out of the lid of an old cardboard box. On their sides, paint houses and trees with white paint, and on the ground – a nice winding road where your child can drive their cars. If you want to build a longer street, use some lids and create some real entertainment for your little one with tunnels and flyovers.

Fascinating DIY train for the toy train

Railway Track DIY Nursery Cardboard Landscape Mountains

Beautify the old railroad with mountains and cardboard buildings

Make your own career cardboard box duct tape play with the kids

Secure the individual parts with tape

If your child has owned a toy train for a long time, but has recently become bored with it, then they certainly won’t want to play with it anymore. In that case we have the ideal solution for you! Spice up the old railroad with cardboard landscape elements. Make mountains, which are broken by tunnels, some houses and trees around. Secure all the parts with tape and paint simple details on them with white paint. It’ll be really fun and the railroad won’t be forgotten again.

Homemade jumping jack from cardboard

Homemade jumping jack from cardboard Jumping Jack DIY

The jumping jack is a classic of all time among children’s toys, even made from cardboard

DIY toys jumping jack Jumping Jack old packaging

If you connect all the threads correctly, the jumping jack will move as if it were alive

These fun little friends are full of life and imagination. The jumping jack guarantees happy hours together with your little one, as he can move his legs, hands and head. Make a cat, rabbit, bat, or anything your child likes. Properly join the threads that control the movements and have great fun together.

We’re more than happy to show you some popular ideas for making yourself from cardboard, but don’t forget that imagination and creativity are endless and you can copy everything from real life and make great toys together with your child.

DIY TV children's room decoration made of cardboard

A great DIY retro TV for the nursery

Do-it-yourself toys laptop notebook from cardboard

Homemade laptop with keyboard, screen and touch pad

DIY kitchen oven pizza nursery

Make a cardboard oven and why not a whole kitchen !?

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