Bring harmony into the interior with these Feng Shui tips

New year, new start. Would you like to make certain changes and attract new, positive energy into the house? The ancient teaching of Feng Shui, which can specifically improve all areas of life, will help you.

Every living facility has a personal character and says a lot about the house residents. Today we provide you with very easy application tips for harmonious and enriching design according to Feng Shui.

Clearing out

Clear out the entrance area-Let the positive energy flow-Feng Shui apartment furnishings Entrance hallway

Clear out the entrance area and let the positive energy flow freely into the house

In home design according to Feng Shui, the rule applies: the less, the better. The energy, called chi, must be able to flow unrestrained through the rooms. Numerous and mostly unnecessary objects disrupt this process.

Start with the areas in the house that urgently need a clean up. Take about 10-15 minutes each day to slowly sort out anything unnecessary.

Let the energy run free

Every door in the house should be able to open completely - Feng Shui design tips entrance area door front door

Every door in the house should be able to open completely

The first impression of the home design is crucial. An entrance area designed according to Feng Shui always looks harmonious, well thought out and inviting. The front door should look clean and not cluttered. Move the stacked items and shoes out of the way so that the door opens freely. Hang a beautiful picture, place a sculpture or piece of furniture in the center of the room.

Put indoor plants in the limelight

Indoor plants improve the energy in the room-Feng Shui tips shaping plants living room energy

Indoor plants improve the energy in the room

The houseplants famously ensure that the air is clean and free of pollutants. The larger indoor plants are easy to care for and find their place in every room.

Position the bed correctly

Proper positioning of the bed affects the prosperity of people-Feng Shui for bedroom tips bed direction

Proper positioning of the bed affects the wellbeing of residents

According to Feng Shui, the bed should be in such a place that you could look out into the hallway while lying down. The headboard should be placed against the wall. A diagonal arrangement of the bed in the room would be desirable. This makes you feel more secure and does not get frightened when other people enter the room.

Repair broken

Drawers Easy and Easy to Open-Feng Shui Kitchen Household Tips Furnishing Prosperity Cash Flow

These drawers can be opened easily and simply

Broken drawers, clogged drains or easily torn pieces of clothing have a negative impact on the atmosphere. Hang symbolic red notes on all the little things that require repair. After the repair, remove them and you will immediately feel the positive change in your home.

Design photo wall

Photo wall according to Feng Shui photo wall design energy living room positive energy

Feng Shui photo wall

According to Feng Shui, the murals appear aggressive in an imaginary line because of their sharp edges. This effect is avoided with a photo wall. The energy flows optically unconstrained.

The role of water in the interior

The indoor fountain and the element of water in Feng Shui prosperity Money flow Feng Shui tips Indoor fountain

The indoor fountain and the element of water in Feng Shui

As you have already read on TRENDOMAT, indoor fountains have become popular home accessories. The Asian teaching Feng Shui says that the element water is connected with the flow of money. The indoor fountains placed inside neutralize the effect of negative ions in the air.

The location of the indoor fountain should ideally be opposite the front door.

Close the toilet lid

The toilet lid remains to-Feng Shui for the bathroom water energy flow

The toilet lid remains closed

According to Feng Shui, the energy flows away from the house with every water flush. It is therefore advisable to close the toilet lid every time after use and to prevent the drainage of energy.

We hope our easy-to-follow tips are helpful to you! Follow them and improve your living atmosphere at home!

Cleaning up the living area - Feng Shui clearing out

Tidying up the living area

The head stands on a solid wall-feng shui for the bedroom bed positioning

The headboard is against a solid wall

Electric fireplace for warmth and cosiness-Feng Shui for the living room Furnishing tips Colors combination

Bio ethanol fireplace provides warmth and cosiness here

Feng Shui for the bedroom-Feng Shui atmosphere, colors, perception

Follow Feng Shui rules for the bedroom and set up your own private space

Feng Shui in the dining room-Feng Shui dining area mirror colors materials wood

Feng Shui in the dining room

Feng Shui in the kitchen-Feng Shui color choice furniture positioning kitchen furnishing

Feng Shui in the kitchen

Feng Shui and light colors for the living room-white nuances Feng Shui colors living room furnishing

Feng Shui and bright colors for the living room

Bright atmosphere in the living room-Feng Shui tips design furniture choice color choice

Bright atmosphere in the living room

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