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Build your own book shelf out of wood

In everyday life we ​​often take a book in hand and soon put it aside again. It can happen that you completely forget it and only resume reading in a few days. The books are stacked and then the living room already looks cluttered.

Storage unique book shelf made of wood

Unique idea for book storage

In this context, Studio Ehoeho came up with a great product idea. The studio designed a coffee table that will serve as a book shelf. This sleek accessory adapts perfectly to dynamic everyday life.

Coffee table wine glasses book shelf made of wood

Coffee table with wine glasses

The table is also suitable for storing and organizing other items, e.g. notebooks, smartphones, magazines, house keys. It could even be used in the morning for coffee and in the evening at cocktail hour. Pretty and practical. Let yourself be convinced.

Coffee table-book shelf made of wood

Coffee table made entirely of wood, also great storage space for CDs and books

Living room ideas design with Eames chair-book shelf made of wood

Classic touch in this living room – the Eames chair completes the look!

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