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Building and living in small houses – luxury of the future

Micro-housing is a new trend in architecture, which is slowly developing from the exotic to a popular type of living and recreation. A typical example of this is the architecture of the Gateway company, which was founded by two students from Boston University. They design small houses, which are distributed in the natural urban environment. They are currently serving city residents who want to really relax from stress over the weekend.

kleinen Häusern

Live close to nature and feel happy

This type of architecture is no exception in recent years. It is part of the so-called tiny house movement. Let’s take a closer look at this and learn what it predicts about the future of building and living.

minihäuser holz klein

Environmentally conscious, ergonomic and trendy – all in one!

architect houses

You wouldn’t miss anything in a tiny house either

Why did the tiny house movement come about at all?

The tiny houses are understandable in the context of the ever increasing environmental awareness and the larger population. Furthermore, building them can be done much more independently than the large residential buildings. So you are much more flexible to move from one place of residence to the other.


Sufficient comfort and cosiness in the middle of the great outdoors

Tiny Housing und Micro Housing

How do you like the idea of ​​micro-housing?

Tiny housing and micro housing

Tiny housing must be clearly distinguished from the related trend micro housing. Both have something in common, namely building modern living facilities on a small area. However, micro-housing is urban facilities that accommodate several households within one large building. In the future, entire high-rise buildings could be constructed according to this principle.

Tiny House

This is the new trend in architecture

Are Tiny Houses Really Attractive?

Are such tiny houses really attractive enough to live in? According to experience reports, this is definitely the case. Working with light and ergonomics is of key importance here. The large windows are compulsory, as are the convenient darkening facilities. The furniture is usually built-in or it can be opened and closed. The most modern and safest mechanisms are used so that this does not impair the quality of life in everyday life.

Furthermore, the architects choose as many natural materials as possible and create a connection to the natural environment. With this approach, you don’t actually feel sad and cramped, even though you have a very small living space.

Can tiny houses be counted as part of the luxury segment?

The tiny house trend can currently be counted almost exclusively in the luxury segment. In order to achieve such above-average comfort in a small area, you have to integrate the latest innovations in terms of processing of materials, energy efficiency, safety and furniture production. The houses continue to experiment with the residents’ actual perception of the ambience and space in advance.

All of this makes such structures extremely exceptional.


Everyone would enjoy this beautiful sight every day, wouldn’t they?


And another plus point: the residents of the tiny houses are very flexible, they can easily move from place to place

holz hause ideen

There is also enough space here for your pet!

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