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Bulbing – the exciting LED lighting concept

We are witnessing innovation in lighting today. You can see for yourself by looking at our photo gallery. Today we want to introduce you to various LED lighting concepts. All of our luminaries create an optical illusion. Instead of creating two dimensions in space, they look like 3D objects. Isn’t that great?

3D table lamp plexiglass bulbing

3D table lamp made of plexiglass

The unique plexiglass bulb was created by StudioChena. The unusual designs like to play with the imagination of the people. The wooden lamp column and the glass shade can be exchanged. So you can be absolutely sure that they always go well with your room design or your mood. The light is warm and the life of an LED light bulb is around 50,000 hours. You can choose between different designs. A dimmer is of course available and the light intensity can thus be regulated.

Balloon table lamp 3D plexiglass bulbing

Balloon table lamp in 3D made of plexiglass

Where would you put your lamp?

We at TRENDOMAT – Redaktion choose the bedside table in the bedroom first! These LED lamps have a relaxing effect and some designs (e.g. the balloons or the star system) create a dreamy and romantic mood in the ambience.

Second, we choose the desk as a possible place. As you can see in the photos, this light intensity would be sufficient for reading or writing.

Do you imagine a pleasant evening with guests and some wine? If you are among friends and enjoy nice moments of relaxation and tranquility, the right lighting would help to spend the time in the best possible way. The StudioChena concept ensures that you can take successful selfies even in good light.

Plexiglass 3D Lighting Light Bulb Bulbing

Plexiglass 3D lighting outdoors

LED plexiglass lighting 3D Darth Vader lamp-bulbing

LED plexiglass lighting in 3D, Darth Vader lamp

LED lighting table lamp 3D bulbing

LED lighting – table lamp in 3D

LED 3D lighting plexiglass skull-bulbing

LED 3D lighting made of plexiglass skull

Bulbing - the exciting LED lighting concept

Bulbing the exciting LED

3D table lamps made of plexiglass bulbing

3D table lamps made of plexiglass

Galaxie plexiglass table lamp 3D effect bulbing

Galaxie plexiglass table lamp with 3D effect

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