Bunni How We First Met Game Download

Bunni: The Story of How We First Met is the perfect Valentine’s Day game for fantasy and romance lovers. In this adorable adventure, a young Bunni tries to win the heart of a pretty girl by constructing an island. You can collect various cute animals, plant trees, and save money to make the island as prosperous as possible. The game is a mix of simulation and role-playing. The game’s nonlinear structure and cute animals will make it tempting to spend all your hard-earned money on the island’s infrastructure.

You will need to gather some resources in order to start the game. You can use the gold and gems you find to build your house. The flowers you choose to place next to bunnies are another useful resource. You can also harvest heart motes to visit different areas on the island. Once you have gathered a heart mote, you can use it to purchase special resources to explore new areas on the island.

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