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The Busbice Family

Busbice family is known for their entrepreneurialism and running an effective hunting gear company. Furthermore, they host Wildgame Nation on Outdoor Channel television.

On October 16, 2016, hunters detected a possible wildlife violation at Spring Creek Ranch owned by the Busbices on La Barge Creek. They immediately informed Kemmerer Game Warden Chris Baird.

Early Life and Education

Bill Busbice grew up on his family farm in northern Louisiana during the Great Depression and experienced firsthand how difficult times could be for families. To attend McNeese State University on a basketball scholarship and study Pre-Law was his ultimate dream.

He and his wife Beth have two sons named Ryan and Matt. Together they have built a multi-million-dollar hunting empire consisting of DVDs, feeders, apparel, crossbows and range finders; additionally they own 55,000 acres across three Louisiana parishes that host an efficient timber harvesting operation.

This family is well known for their Christian faith and conservative political views, while running an organization called CORRAL to aid rural North Carolina girls overcome adversity through equine therapy – teaching girls how to ride horses while teaching life skills through interaction with animals.

Professional Career

Bill Busbice, co-founder of Wild Game Innovations and host of Outdoor Channel’s Wildgame Nation television show Wildgame Nation, was recently charged with wildlife crimes for shooting an antlerless elk with no antlers and leaving it to die, an act which was witnessed by two hunters and recorded on video footage.

Busbices own and run both a multimillion-dollar hunting company as well as a timber business on 55,000 acres in northern Louisiana, where they also share an ongoing rivalry with the Robertson family from A&E’s Duck Dynasty television show.

Matt and Ryan are brothers who run Wild Game Innovations, a multimillion-dollar hunting business. Together they developed an effective feed formula for deer as well as other companies within the hunting industry such as Barnett Crossbows and Flextone Game Calls that they acquired over time.

Achievement and Honors

Busbice Family Ranches of Louisiana have long been established, owning multiple ranches there as well as featuring on Outdoor Channel’s reality hunting show Wildgame Nation.

Wildgame Innovations, founded and established by this family, produces hunting gear and accessories. More recently, they purchased an Wyoming ranch that will serve as their hub for their hunting business.

Busbice was charged with wildlife violations for purchasing a resident general elk license as a nonresident and purchasing more deer tags than authorized. On October 17, a Kemmerer game warden noticed him and cameraman on his property, whereupon Busbice admitted accidentally killing an calf elk then instructing his ranch manager and camera man to drag it into an irrigation ditch to conceal their actions.

Personal Life

Bill Busbice is an established businessman, entrepreneur, and reality TV star in the US. He co-founded Wildgame Innovations hunting gear company before appearing on various television programs like Wildgame Nation on Outdoor Channel.

The family also owns and operates a hunting lodge on their Louisiana ranch. Their fortune was amassed through outdoor lifestyle companies they founded as well as reality TV shows they’ve participated in.

Recently, an Outdoor Channel star was arrested in Wyoming for poaching an elk and given a $23,000 fine and two-year license suspension – this seems like a relatively minor punishment when other hunters have been found guilty of lesser offenses and received harsher sentences; but we will have to wait and see how Busbice will be sentenced by a judge.

Net Worth

Bill Busbice and his family appear on A&E reality TV show Country Buck$. After earning his initial fortune in oil production, he sold it and founded a trucking company before later co-founding Wildgame Innovations which caters specifically to deer hunters – helping build an exceptionally lucrative enterprise.

Busbices Timber Company sells various products such as trail cameras, crossbows, feeders and DVDs; in addition, the company owns 55,000 acres in Northern Louisiana for timber harvesting purposes. Matt Busbice is closely related to the Robertsons from Duck Dynasty; his life path 5 indicates his resourceful and goal-oriented mindset. Matt and Beth Busbice share one child together.

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