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Butterflies on the wall in Little Princesses’ room


Butterflies are beautiful, delicate and colorful. No wonder little girls love them. We don’t know anyone who isn’t enthusiastic about this little flying insect. So nothing stands in the way of transferring butterflies from a spring-like meadow full of flowers directly to the wall of your little and bigger princesses! Check out how to set up a children’s room starring butterflies!

Wall mural Butterfly – go for minimalism

A trend that has recently been heavily promoted by celebrities in particular is furnishing a children’s room in a minimalist style. In such an embodiment, a young lady receives white furniture with a simple shape, which is located on the background of a smooth wall, mostly painted in pastel colors. The leitmotif is always an element here, mostly it is an expressive and colorful illustration on the wall. In our version this is a butterfly. Wallpaper with a fairy with butterfly wings or a row of brightly colored insects decorating a wall is a great idea in this case. It is worthwhile that the motif is colorful, because in minimalist rooms it is difficult to find a lot of toys. Such decoration not only enlivens the room, but also stimulates the imagination and creativity and can also be a good start to new entomological passions.

Fototapete blaue Schmetterlinge im Maedchenzimmer
Wall mural blue butterflies in the girl’s room

Bright, tinted rooms with a single theme love the company of imaginative decorations. One that little girls are sure to adore is a stylish swing suspended from the ceiling with a wooden seat and string handles. It looks best when done in a boho style and decorated with flowers and fringes. Such an arrangement suits girls of all ages, so in the future it will no longer be necessary to freshen up the walls and replace the furniture at every stage of the child’s life.

Photo wallpaper butterfly fairy in 3D version

Fairies, princesses and the broadly understood world of pastel colored fantasy is what little ladies love most. After all, even as children, and some of us still do today, we dreamed of having wings and being able to soar high above the clouds. Children are superior in that their imaginations allow them to feel the softness of the clouds and reach the top of the rainbow even if their feet are still not off the ground.

Photo wallpaper with butterfly fairy in the girl's room
Photo wallpaper with butterfly fairy in the girl’s room

The best way to stimulate the imagination and creativity in children is to show them pictures. In this case, they will not be random, because we particularly recommend wall murals depicting fairies with butterfly wings. We were just fascinated by the ideas of the young mothers who decorate these views with a silhouette of butterflies in 3D. To create this, it is sufficient to cut out butterfly silhouettes in different sizes from a colorful, preferably pastel pink, sky blue, violet or green cardboard box. They are then bent in half and glued to the wall with a wing or belly. This will give you a lively and unique decoration. Our wall mural fairy can be surrounded by many 3D companions or crouch in the grass with butterflies in hand. There are as many ideas as there are young parents, but the most important thing in all of these is the time you have sacrificed for your child!

A good tip: When your child is already big enough to work with scissors or markers, you can make this decoration together. You stick the wallpaper on and have your daughter cut out the butterflies and stick them on them. This excellent game has many advantages, most notably: building a deeper bond with your child, learning through play, and improving manual skills.

Photo wallpaper for girls – starring butterfly

Wall murals with butterflies are extremely versatile motifs. They match the room of a newborn baby, but also that of a girl of preschool, school or even student age. So it is a great idea to decorate the walls of the room with wallpaper with butterflies in maxi format. They can be right next to each other and cover the entire wall. Their bright colors fill you and your child with enthusiasm and energy. Such a background works perfectly behind a cot and later also behind a desk or a couch. Thanks to the variety of colors, you can combine them with decorations of any style and color.


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