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That the choice of the right tire is extremely important, I noticed this spring and explained it here. I had bought original Audi rims with used tires – a mistake, as it soon turned out. The tires pulled to the left and right, the driving experience was unsteady and my A3 suddenly made ruts, which was never the case otherwise. The explanation for this was that the tires had not only been used unevenly by the previous owner, but also possibly ran in a different position than mine. According to various opinions, I only had one choice: four new tyres. And they’re not exactly cheap for the Audi A3 Ambition, because they’re size 225/45 R17.


Basics for buying tyres

Of course, the right tires are just as important in winter. Basically, all-season tires work relatively well, but they have some disadvantages compared to “real” summer and winter tires: All-season tires are increasingly designed for winter. This means that the rubber compound is softer – one shortcoming is that they wear out faster and sometimes do not have the optimal braking properties of normal summer tires in summer.

So I decided to get one set of summer tires and one set of winter tires. I was recently looking for 2 new winter tires for this, because a pair clearly had them 4mm tread depth fallen below: Legally, that’s still perfectly fine, since only one Minimum tread depth of 1.6mm required is. But if you have ever tried to ski in fresh snow with less than 2mm, you know that you should definitely change under 4mm.

Buying tires online: Easier and cheaper!

With a Google search, you soon come across the online tire dealer Tirendo. In contrast to many eBay offers, Tirendo has a huge selection and, above all, many types of tires in many sizes can be delivered quickly. Shipping is included in the price.

Who is afraid of ordering the wrong tires, you should give it a try: Actually, you can’t do much wrong. The following information is required directly on the Tirendo homepage – just like with any other dealer:

width, height, inches and speed.

I need the following tires, which I simply read from the outside of my old winter tires:

225 / 45 R17 .

This is what you can read on the outside of every tire. Here is the first number, so 225the broad. 45 would be the heightthe number after the R is the Tire size in inchesso with me 17 inch. Then the speed specification must be correct.
No one is forced to always go to the expensive, trusted workshop to buy tires, even if you don’t know your way around, you can get information from the Tirendo hotline, for example, and save a lot of money. If you have ordered something wrong, you can exchange the tires again.


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A nice extra at Tirendo, in addition to free shipping, is the option to Have tires delivered directly to one of the 5,000 assembly partners. When checking out, you can use the zip code to search for nearby workshops and even have the assembly price displayed directly – great, this saves you having to load the tires into the car yourself and have them mounted. Incidentally, the prices of two workshops in Bayreuth are around 10 euros per tire – I paid almost twice as much at my Audi workshop.

Tires at Tirendo

Advertorial: I was paid to mention Tirendo in this post.

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