By when does the BAfög have to be submitted?

By when does the BAfög have to be submitted?

The BAföG follow-up application should be submitted two months before the end of the approval period, provided that the degree or school education continues.

Can I also apply for BAfög later?

BAFÖG is granted at the earliest when the application is submitted. You can also request it later. However, you will not receive BAFÖG retrospectively for the time you are already a student. You can have a maximum of 5,200 euros.

What do you need for the BAfög follow-up application?

Typically you need the following BAföG documents for your follow-up application: current certificate of enrollment, current bank statement, employment contract or last pay slip (if you have a part-time job) tax assessment from your parents from the penultimate calendar year.

Which forms for follow-up applications?

Which documents do I need for the BAföG follow-up application? BAföG form 1. Form 1 is used for your personal data and that of your parents or BAföG form 2. BAföG form 3. BAföG form 5 (after the 4th BAföG Form 6 (semester abroad)

What does the BAfög follow-up application include?

If you submit the BAföG follow-up application, you will initially have the same entitlement to BAföG as in the previous year. However, you must also provide information about your assets, the income of your parents, etc. in the subsequent application (just as in the first application).

What is a follow-up application?

If the asylum procedure was unsuccessfully completed in another European country, it is a confirmatory application. One speaks of a follow-up application if a person applies again after a negative outcome of the asylum procedure in Germany (see Section 71 AsylG).

Which forms do I need for parent-independent BAfög?

For an initial application for BAföG you have to fill out forms 1 – 3. The more your parents and your spouse earn, the less you are entitled to BAföG. Forms 4 – 8 are only relevant to you if you are a foreigner, apply for BAföG or make a follow-up application.

When can I apply for non-parent BAfög?

Two scenarios are possible: You can apply for parent-independent BAföG if you have been employed for five years after your 18th birthday or if you have worked for three years following a three-year vocational training.

How do I get parent-independent BAfög?

For a master’s degree, you can receive parent-independent BAföG if you have completed a bachelor’s degree (and no other degree) and then worked for at least three years. Another requirement is that you start your master’s degree before your 35th birthday.

Can you apply for BAfög if you still live at home?

If you can receive parent-independent BAföG, your parents’ income does not matter. However, this is not the case: Even with parent-independent BAföG there is less funding if you still live at home. It doesn’t matter whether you pay your parents rent or not.

Can everyone get BAfög?

Who can get BAföG? BAföG is usually given to German students and interns and, under certain conditions, also to schoolchildren and foreign students. At the beginning of the bachelor’s degree you must not be older than 29 years, at the beginning of the master’s degree you must not be older than 34 years.

Who is entitled to a student loan?

BAföG for school pupils. In addition to students, schoolchildren who are attending a school for their further education can apply for the state education grant BAföG. Who is a pupil and who is a student within the meaning of BAföG is not defined in the law itself.

How much BAfög do you get if you live alone?

If you live in an apartment that at least 50% belongs to your parents, you will be treated as if you lived with your parents. If you live alone, the flat rate is € 325; if you live with your parents, it is € 55.

How much BAfög am I entitled to?

BAföG, how much it is and how much BAföG you get depends largely on the type of training: The maximum BAföG rate for students (€ 861 / month) is higher than the maximum student BAföG rate (€ 832 / month). Your BAföG rate also depends on the income and tax-free income of your parents.

How much BAfög do you get if your parents are unemployed?

The requirement rates are in §§ 12 to 14b BAföG, e.g. here: If they are unemployed you will get € 414. This is currently the maximum amount.

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