Can a hypothesis be a question?

Can a hypothesis be a question?

As a rule, hypotheses are formulated in a conditional clause. This includes constructions with if X, then Y or each X, the Y. Hypotheses are not questions, but statements. Try to formulate them as precisely as possible.

When is a hypothesis rejected?

The null hypothesis often states that there is no effect or difference or that there is no specific connection. This thesis is to be rejected, leaving the alternative hypothesis as a possibility.

Can you confirm hypotheses?

A hypothesis is confirmed or disproved by its observable consequences. If the observable consequences occur, then a hypothesis is considered (partially) confirmed; otherwise disproved.

Are hypotheses necessary?

Research questions and corresponding hypotheses are always present in quantitative empirical research. When answering the hypotheses put forward, one proceeds according to the falsification. In qualitative empirical research, on the other hand, there are no hypotheses at the beginning. …

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