Can a nurse become a civil servant?

Can a nurse become a civil servant?

In prison hospitals or for civilian staff in Bundeswehr hospitals, nurses are most likely to be employed as civil servants. Civil nurses are then classified at grade A7.

What does a JVA official earn in training?

Prison officer salary at a glance During your two-year apprenticeship, you will earn good money on average, which increases from year to year. During your apprenticeship, you can expect remuneration of up to EUR 1,109 in the first year of training and up to EUR 1,228 in the second year of training.

How much does a correctional officer earn in training?

You will receive around 1250 euros gross per month in both the first and second year of training. Your training salary varies depending on the country, so in North Rhine-Westphalia you earn 1300 euros gross per month, as of January 2020.

How much does a JVA officer make?

According to this, prospective prison officers receive around 1,170 euros per month. After training, the initial basic salary ranges between 2,200 and 2,500 euros per month. Supplements are added to the basic salary both during and after the training.

What do I need to become a correctional officer?

Graduation. In order to be able to complete prison officer training, you need one of the following school-leaving qualifications: intermediate school leaving certificate. Secondary school leaving certificate followed by completed vocational training.

How much does a Postman make?

On average, a postman earns CHF 4,566 per month. Half of them receive between CHF 3,952 and CHF 5,270 per month.

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