Can-Am Traxter Disability Conversion

Can-Am Traxter Disability Conversion

Manual operation: For a customer who can hardly move his legs, the team from Quadcenter Zollernalb implemented a TÜV-compliant solution with which a Can-Am Traxter can only be operated with his handsTime and again, people with physical disabilities are faced with the question of whether a quad, an ATV or a side-by-side is suitable for them. Quadcenter Zollernalb offers a custom solution for the Can-Am Traxter.
For about five years, the team around Thomas Rothmund from the Quadcenter Zollernalb in Bisingen has been dealing with special conversions for people with physical disabilities in addition to the day-to-day business – the rental and sale of side-by-sides, ATVs and the Can-Am tricycles Ryker and Spyder Limitations. A few days ago, the conversion of a Can-Am Traxter was completed, which was adapted to the needs of a customer who can hardly use his legs anymore. “The man came to us from near Frankfurt and wanted to convert a Traxter to ‘manual operation’,” says Thomas. “The request was one of a rather easy-to-solve task in the area of ​​conversions for the disabled.”
thumbs 20201100qcz003It took about two weeks from the request to the TÜV-compliant implementation. The acceptance was of course already done when the customer picked up his vehicle. The whole thing cost around 2,500 euros. “Not everything is feasible, but a lot is possible,” says Thomas, who realizes between five and ten conversions a year. “The demand is there, many just don’t know what is feasible.” His advantage is that he has a freelancer in the team who works full-time for a manufacturer of wheelchair loading systems. “So, in addition to the know-how, we also have the opportunity to invent special solutions and implement them in accordance with TÜV.” dlw

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