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Can blue bed linen change the mood in the room?

Change the look of your bedroom with a new duvet cover in blue!

The blue palette is so multifaceted, it starts with light blue and goes through royal blue to navy blue. This makes the blue color ideal for a bedroom, because its many undertones can create different looks in the room: navy blue is rich and expensive; Light blue is synonymous with freshness and cleanliness. If you want to introduce some color into your bedroom, but are not about to renovate it, you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re going to show you some ideas on how you can change the look of your bedroom with just a new set of blue bed linen with minimal effort. Browse these options and find inspiration in designing a blue bedroom at home.

Bring some rural charm to the bedroom

vintage style blue bed linen

Vintage-style furniture and delicate blue can be perfectly combined with each other

Blue bed linen is the perfect choice for a rustic bedroom. Here the pale shades of blue are fine enough that they can be combined with one another. They are in harmony with color and create a cozy atmosphere in the room.

Our insider tip: combine the soft blue bed linen with vintage-style furniture, with light walls and a simple flooring to easily create an oasis of calm.

Don’t be afraid of patterns!

wise furniture bed linen

Large patterns in dark blue can be so appealing

White furniture usually has clean lines and perfect shapes. When placed against a blue wall, they even glow. See in the picture how sublime it looks! And the bed linen combines the two design elements very successfully. Patterns, especially large ones, can be overwhelming, but these in our sample picture have soft, smudged contours and look like a watercolor. So stylish and beautiful!

Large prints don’t have to be visually eye-catching and define the look of the entire room. Instead, they can exude personality and style. If your room is otherwise simply decorated, patterned bedding can add interest and keep the space from looking dull.

A neutral design is the best choice in many cases

navy blue bed linen

Navy blue bed linen in a neutral interior

If you want to add some color and variety to a neutral room, then go for blue bed linen! If you are surrounded in light gray, cream, or grayish brown, the temptation to spice up the bed with blue bedclothes can be too great.

If you’re not entirely sure which shade would go best there, then take some blue clothes and spread them around the room to see if they look good or not. Make this decision first, then go shopping.

Create a Mediterranean look in the bedroom

mediterranean look bed linen

The Mediterranean look ensures freshness and romance in the room

Draw inspiration from the Mediterranean and bring a Mediterranean flair to your bedroom! Different shades of color in the blue gamma will help you with this room design. In the picture we see a soft navy blue duvet cover and a striped blanket on it. This look reminds me of my last vacation on the coast. And you?

One reason the Mediterranean style is so popular is actually its base colors of white, blue, cream and gray. They are soft and have a mild appearance. White furniture goes best with this, but certain parts can be painted in the country style to add to the Mediterranean feel of the room. Or would you prefer to opt for clean lines and a modern version?

Choose ink blue for a soft look

ink-blue-and-gray-bed linen

Pair ink blues and gray for a sublime look

If the bright blue isn’t for you but you do want to warm up the gray background in your bedroom then a deep blue shade would just be ideal for you! Choose ink blue and you wouldn’t be wrong! It adds an interesting warmth, but is fine enough and gives a happy feeling in any neutral room. Patterned pillows in the color duo of ink blue and gray introduce new energy into your bedroom and give the ambience the finishing touch!

Break the monotony with richly textured blue bed linen.

gray-and-white-modern-bed linen

You can break the monochrome look with a throw blanket in a rich shade of blue

The combination of gray and white in the background is elegant and modern, but it can look cold. So add a strong color, like navy blue! This rich hue and lush texture make up the luxurious, cozy feel.

If you choose a throw blanket made from high quality materials such as velvet, knitted wool or chenille, you can enhance the visual appeal of the navy blue!

Room walls and bed linen in visual harmony

ombre style deep blue bed linen

Different shades of blue make the room look elegant and modern

The bold wall decoration in this bedroom was able to completely overwhelm the space. However, this is prevented by the blue quilt. It’s done in an ombre style, with deep blue on one end that fades into light blue and goes well with the colors on the wall. The royal blue pillows are the bridge between wall design and bedspread. They complete the look.

Blue can be the only dominant color in the bedroom

blue-color bed linen

Blue is the dominant color in this bedroom and creates a happy atmosphere there

A simple room all white looks like a wall in an art gallery: the perfect background against which any color can shine. This photo is amazingly simple, but incredibly beautiful, and the bed looks soft, inviting, and utterly calm.

To achieve this look, consider choosing a warm shade from the blue palette. To do this, choose a fine fabric that feels good. In such a bedroom the motto is: less is more! Always keep the room clean and tidy. Accessories in white or made of very light wood, paired with the beautiful blue bed linen, fit into this interior.

retro-look-with-blue-pattern-bed linen

Retro look with blue patterns

Go retro!

This bedroom shows how carefully selected patterns look amazing in a small space. Some of you might not dare use such an expressive color as turquoise, but when paired with white it results in an eye-catching look, full of happy energy.

The patterns have a special retro feel, which is a great tip for a small bedroom. The mix of colors is fresh and clean and creates an interesting contrast to the wooden headboard.

Vintage trends are in!

vintage charm bed linen

Vintage details are popular and in demand with many homeowners

A mixture of classic and modern exudes an inviting atmosphere in this bedroom. The vintage charm comes from the delicately patterned wallpaper, the ornate floor lamp and the mirrors on the wall. This look is brought up to date, but with bedding in a strong, modern shade of blue. Slightly paler shading could not contrast so well here. The brightly striped pillow and blue bedside table continue to emphasize the modern feel in this eclectic room.

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