Can I appeal against a settlement?

Can I appeal against a settlement?

There is no right of appeal in a court settlement. If no right of revocation has been made, the settlement is effective and irrevocable. The comparison can then be contested at best because of deception or threats.

Who bears the costs in a court settlement?

According to the basic decision of the legislature, the costs of “the legal dispute” do not therefore include the costs of the court settlement. As a rule, therefore, this means that the agreement that one party bears the costs of the litigation also includes the costs of the settlement.

How much should you offer in a comparison?

There are few believers. The more creditors are involved, the worse the chances that all creditors will agree to the settlement. At least 8 percent of the existing debt is offered as a quota for the comparison.

What does make a comparison mean?

1) in civil law, a mutual contract under the law of obligations, which eliminates the dispute or the uncertainty of the parties about a legal relationship through mutual acquiescence (ยง 779 BGB).

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