Can I continue my training in another company?

Can I continue my training in another company?

First of all, the principle applies: contracts must be observed. Apprentices cannot easily continue their training in the same job in another company. The Vocational Training Act (BBiG) does not provide for a change of training company.

What can I do if I have broken off my training?

From a legal point of view, you can terminate your training at any time during the probationary period without having to give reasons. You can also cancel without notice during this period. After the probationary period, you must always comply with the notice period of four weeks.

How can you change your education?

Now it’s getting serious: you have to have your old training contract annulled. You can only resign without fear of consequences during the probationary period. A termination agreement means that the company releases you as an apprentice so that you can continue your training in another company.

How does a training termination agreement work?

A termination agreement ends the training relationship by mutual agreement. A termination agreement can be concluded at any time and without reason. If the trainee wants to change their training position, a termination agreement is often the only option. Notice periods do not have to be observed.

How does the termination agreement work?

By concluding a termination agreement, an employment relationship is terminated by mutual agreement. Due to the freedom of contract, both parties can largely freely design the content. The termination agreement is not regulated by law. …

Can an apprenticeship contract be terminated?

In principle, as a trainee, you and your employer have the right to terminate the training contract at any time without notice and without any particular reason. The termination of the training contract must always be in writing and be received by the recipient before the end of the probationary period.

Can I withdraw from a signed training contract?

It is possible for the training company as well as for trainees to terminate the signed training contract before the start of the vocational training. The reason usually lies in unforeseeable but significant changes in one of the two contractual partners.

Is it possible to terminate an apprenticeship contract before the start of the apprenticeship?

The Vocational Training Act does not contain any regulation on the question of whether and, if so, under what conditions the vocational training relationship can be terminated before the start of training. Since § 22 para. 1 BBiG does not regulate termination before the start of training, according to § 10 para.

Can an apprenticeship contract be terminated before the start of the apprenticeship?

If an employer/trainer terminates an apprenticeship before the start of the apprenticeship because doubts about suitability arose in the period before the start of the apprenticeship, the termination is effective. Unless something else has been exceptionally agreed.

What happens when you sign an apprenticeship contract?

As soon as a contract is signed, it is binding – for both sides, not just for the company. Termination or a prior exit will certainly be possible, but this must first be completed before you sign anything new and the new company should also be informed if necessary.

How long do I have to sign an apprenticeship contract?

Since the employment contract still has to be sent to the responsible chamber of commerce, it should be done very quickly. ask the training company, only they can answer that for you unequivocally. According to the law, you should sign it at least one day before the training.

Can you terminate an employment contract before you start?

Yes – in principle, employees, but also employers, can give notice after signing the contract and before starting work, says Stephan Glaser, specialist lawyer for labor law.

How long can you withdraw from an employment contract?

But can you just withdraw from a signed employment contract? The answer is: yes, but the employee must submit a written notice of termination. The notice period is usually four weeks to the 15th or end of the month, or two weeks in the case of a probationary period.

How do you get out of a signed employment contract?

It is not possible to revoke the employment contract. This means that the only way to get rid of the employment contract in this case is to give notice of termination. In contrast to extraordinary termination, deadlines must be observed in the case of ordinary termination. This period is usually four weeks to the end or to the 15th of the month.

What happens if I don’t start a signed employment contract?

You don’t have to worry about unpleasant consequences. Employees may resign, provided that termination before taking up employment has not been contractually excluded. If you cannot meet the notice period and do not appear, the boss could claim damages.

What does dismissal before starting work mean?

Dismissal before the start of the service is also excluded if the exclusion of the dismissal results beyond any doubt from the circumstances. This can be the case, for example, if the employee had the justified expectation that he could start the employment relationship in any case.

Can the employer withdraw from the contract?

If no contract has been signed yet, you can withdraw a contract offer. This also without giving reasons. If the contract has already been signed by the employer, this is a concrete offer to conclude the contract. He could be signed even now.

When is the training contract valid?

The verbally agreed training contract is valid one week before the start of the training, but the contract must be agreed in writing at the beginning of the training. The written form is mandatory according to § 11 BBiG.

How should I dress to sign the contract?

A suit is definitely appropriate for signing a contract. If you feel overdressed you can just wear jeans, a shirt and a jacket, but a suit is definitely recommended.

When do you usually get the training contract?

It is also stipulated that the trainees must receive the training contract in writing and at the latest before the start of the vocational training. The BBiG explicitly stipulates that the electronic form is not permitted for a training contract.

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