Can I get several scholarships at the same time?

Can I get several scholarships at the same time?

In principle, scholarships from the Studienstiftung, KAS, Cusanuswerk and Co. cannot be combined at will. In some cases, and after consultation with the respective foundation, double funding is possible, but you will only ever receive financial support from one gifted organization.

How can I finance my studies?

There are various options for financing your studies and the rising cost of living: Financial support from parents. Child benefit. BAföG. Scholarships. Jobs. Student loans.

Who pays for my studies?

The allocation depends primarily on the income of the parents. Only 25 percent of students are currently funded, almost half of them with the maximum rate. It is currently 585 euros including rent subsidy; those who live with their parents receive a maximum of 432 euros.

How can I finance my studies without BAföG?

Therefore, below you will find a small overview of alternatives on how you can finance your studies without BAföG:Parent-independent BAföG. Debt-free through your studies thanks to a scholarship. student jobs. Housing allowance for students. Hartz IV for students. Unemployment benefit 1. Child benefit. child supplement

What can I do if I no longer get BAfög?

If you are not (or no longer) entitled to BAföG, you may be able to receive housing benefit. Basic security benefits (ALG II/social allowance) are only available to students in exceptional cases, e.g. B.

What funds can I apply for as a student?

Money from the state: Almost 30 percent of the students receive Bafög – money from the training grant. Students up to the age of 30 have to apply. The maximum monthly rate for students at technical colleges, academies and universities is currently 670 euros. The responsible Bafög office will examine the application.

What can a student apply for funds?

You can apply for a student loan if you are in the final phase of your studies. It is also available for internships, postgraduate courses or doctoral studies. Depending on age, it is granted for a maximum of 24 months. The KfW banking group is responsible.

Can you get welfare as a student?

Because BAföG is generally intended to be state support for students, people who are pursuing BAföG-eligible training are generally not entitled to ALG II or social assistance.

Can you get housing benefit as a student?

However, students are rarely entitled to receive housing benefit. An application for housing benefit is worthwhile if students are not entitled to BAföG (Section 20 paragraph 2 of the Housing Benefit Act).

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