Can I share the following?

Can I share the following?

we would like to inform you of the following. the following (that later mentioned, what happened; the subsequent statements; this) from, in, after, from the following; from, in the following (the later-mentioned, happening; the following explanations; this)

Can big or small?

This is one of the errors that LanguageTool can detect….Rule “‘can be (can) demonstrate'” Description: ‘can be (can) demonstrate’ Message: Please check if ability is used as a noun here and must therefore be capitalized.Category:Case Sensitive (ID: CASING)5

How do you write until further notice?

Until 2006, when the new spelling rules came into force, “until further notice” was written without exception as “until further notice”, i.e. lowercase. Since the last spelling reform, writers have been spoiled for choice, because both variants are now orthographically correct.

How do you write everything else?

The spelling change came with the spelling reform of 1996. Everything is made up of everything and that. The definite article “das” substantives “further” an adjective and thus capitalizes it. This rule doesn’t just apply to “everything else”.

What does until further notice mean?

1) for the time being, for the time being, preliminary, initially. Application examples: 1) The facility will remain closed until further notice.

How do you write on reason?

“due to” and “because of” are correct and can be used. However, the Duden consistently prefers “due to” and only gives “due to” as an alternative spelling.

How do you spell the word so?

so that / so that is written with a double s. In the case of that with an s, it can be replaced with this or which one.

How do I spell correctly?

Since the spelling reform, the capitalization “Recht haben” has also been allowed, and between the ages of 19 and 19 only this was considered correct, but meanwhile lower case letters are allowed again and are recommended by the dictionary and the German-speaking news agencies as the preferred variant.

How do you write beyond that?

The addition beyond in the sense of »in addition; otherwise; moreover” is always written separately. Also in connection with the prefix in addition… with verbs, the following applies: “Claims that go beyond this”.

What does being next mean?

meanings: [1] spatial: next to something or someone. [2] colloquial, figuratively: not appropriate, violating norms. [3] used as a conjunction: in addition to the one just mentioned also.

What does the word mean beyond?

1) otherwise, also, besides, then, in addition, further, on top of that, moreover, further, in addition. 1) apart from that, furthermore, otherwise.

First of all, how do you write?

However, this word structure consists of a preposition and an inflected indefinite pronoun, and the latter must always stand alone and therefore separate from the preposition “before”. Therefore, before anything else, you should always make sure to write “above all” separately in any case.

How do you write in particular?

in particular (German) word separation: ins be son de re. meanings: [1] especially; above all.

How do you spell wrong?

The word order not at all is difficult to spell. However, compounds formed using at all (not at all, nothing, none at all) are always written separately. Only the noun garnichts as a derogatory term for a person (insignificant or unimportant) is written together.

How do you write a little?

The little word is a so-called indefinite pronoun, from: “small bite”, and according to the new spelling is written with ss instead of ß (old spelling: “bißchen”). The spelling with a simple s, on the other hand, has always been wrong.

How do you spell go home?

There are only the last two spellings, but a common misreading is home instead of home or home. The more common spelling, which is also recommended by Duden, is home. But it is also correct to write home, only separately and both words are not lowercase.

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