Can I study again after de-registering? Can I study again after de-registering?

Can I study again after de-registering?

Is it possible to continue studying despite de-registering? In principle, performance-related forced de-registration does not mean the end of a university career, because the exclusion initially only applies to the original course of study. A change of subject is therefore possible.

How long can you interrupt your studies?

As a rule, the semester of leave is only granted for one or two semesters and must then be applied for again. More than two semesters of leave are unusual, except in the case of pregnancies. You not only have to justify the desired break, but also provide evidence of the reason.

What happens if you drop out of studies?

If you have made the decision to quit your studies, this happens by de-registering at the university in question. After receiving the de-registration certificate, you should ask your health insurance company whether something has changed in your insurance coverage, as you are no longer a student.

Is it bad if you drop out of your studies?

(No) reasons for dropping out. Difficult phases in your studies are quite normal and no reason to think about canceling immediately. It is also normal that you enjoy it sometimes more and sometimes less. The material of one lecture may suit you perfectly, but the material of the next may not suit you at all.

What happens to BAfög if you drop out?

In the event of early de-registration, you do not have to repay the full BAföG amount. Just like with a university degree, you only pay back the loan portion of the funding. Normally this corresponds to 50 percent of the money received.

When is BAfög not paid back?

Since September 2019, the following applies: As long as the tax exemption is exceeded by less than 42 euros, you do not have to pay anything back. But as soon as it is 42 euros or more, you have to pay the amount that exceeds the tax exemption, but no more than 130 euros / month (or 390 euros / quarter) since April 2020.

Can BAfög be repaid earlier?

The loan can be repaid in full or in part early. Early repayment (VR) of the loan that is not yet due gives you the opportunity to obtain a discount.

Can you cancel BAfög?

The possibilities to end the BAföG within the current approval period are limited. Basically, you have to inform the BAföG office immediately of any changes (especially dropping out of your studies, changing your subject, exceeding the allowance).

What percentage of the BAfög do you have to repay?

In principle, BAföG has to repay 50% of the funding amount received for a course of study. For those who started studying for the first time in March 2001 (or later), the debts are limited to a maximum of 10,000 euros.

How often can I change the course BAfög?

Am I still eligible for BAföG after changing my degree program? In general, you can change your degree program once without giving a reason, without having to fear for your BAföG. The prerequisite is that the change takes place before the 3rd semester at the latest.

How can I repay BAfög?

You can settle your BAföG debts all at once or in three-month installments. You have to repay a maximum of 10,000 euros in BAföG debts. Discount of your BAföG debts only works if you repay your BAföG in one fell swoop. Then you can get up to 50 percent waived.

When does BAfög Office contact you for repayment?

As already described above, you will receive a notification of BAföG repayment after about four and a half years and then start repaying it after about five years. You then have a total of 20 years for this. The installments are usually € 315 per quarter, so you pay € 105 back monthly.

Can I repay BAfög directly after graduation?

Hello, yes, you can repay that beforehand, the repayment starts 5 years after the maximum funding period. But there is no extra that you pay it back before the decision. For them this is also more of an effort.

When do I have to repay the student loan?

As a student, you do not have to PAY your BAföG back! So you don’t have to pay it back. The exception: If you are a trainee at a higher technical school or academy, you will receive BAföG like students: one half is a non-interest-bearing loan, the other half is a grant.

When do you get a student loan?

Student BAföG is available if you start your training before you turn 30. Because at the age of 30 you have reached the age limit for funding with student BAföG.

Can you apply for BAfög if you are doing a Fachabi?

If you want to catch up on the advanced technical college entrance qualification, you can apply for BAföG if the applicant is not older than 30 years at the beginning of the further education. Normally, only people who take part in full-time training are eligible for funding.

Can I apply for BAfög if I still live at home?

If you can receive parent-independent BAföG, your parents’ income does not matter. However, this is not the case: Even with parent-independent BAföG there is less funding if you still live at home. It doesn’t matter whether you pay your parents rent or not.

What can parents earn to get BAfög?

If your parents are married, you must expect the first loss of student loans from a gross income of EUR 30,000 per year (employees, no further children). Often, however, you can also receive a partial grant if your parents earn 45,000 euros.

How is the alimony calculated for students?

According to the Düsseldorf table, students have a uniform maintenance requirement of 860 euros. This maintenance requirement is fundamentally independent of the parents’ income. In addition to the 860 euros, there are also the costs for health and long-term care insurance as well as the tuition fees.

When do parents have to pay maintenance for their adult children?

Parents have normal maintenance obligations for their adult children and adult children to their parents, since 1.1

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