Can I submit a paper tax return for 2019?

Can I submit a paper tax return for 2019?

For a number of years it has been possible to use a pre-filled tax return. All data that the tax authorities already have is automatically entered there. From the tax return for 2019, this is also possible if you submit your tax return on paper.

Can I submit a paper tax return?

Are you an employee or retired (pension) and have no other taxable income? Then you can still submit your tax return in paper form. This also applies if you also generate income from capital assets or renting and leasing.

When is an electronic tax return required?

Legal obligations for electronic transmission. In accordance with Section 25, Paragraph 4, Clause 1 of the Income Tax Act, the income tax return must generally be submitted electronically if income is generated. independent work (18 Income Tax Act).

How can I submit my tax return electronically?

If you use software to prepare your tax return, you can send it electronically to the tax office directly from the software via the Internet. This process is called ELSTER, which stands for electronic tax declaration. You can send your tax return e.g.

What do I have to send to the tax office?

With some documents you are legally obliged to send them to the tax office: proof of a disability, donation receipts, certificates of wage replacement benefits (e.g. unemployment benefit, short-time work allowance, parental allowance) tax certificates for capital gains tax or interest discounts.

How can I submit with Elster?

You have various options for submitting your tax data electronically to the tax office via the Internet. Most tax forms (including income tax) can be found free of charge in Mein ELSTER. However, you can also use any other control software that ELSTER supports.

Will Elster form be discontinued?

The Bavarian State Tax Office (BayLfSt) is currently advising that ElsterFormular can be used for the last time in 2020 for tax returns for 2019.

How do I make a sales tax return with Elster?

Log in to ElsterOnline with your access data. Click on “Forms” in the sidebar in the private area. There you will now see various forms that you can use to send data to the tax office. Scroll down and click on “Sales Tax”.

Which data are transmitted at Elster?

You will be provided with the following electronic data and certificates, which have been sent to the tax administration about you: income tax certificates sent by your employer, wage replacement benefits (e.g. unemployment benefit, sickness benefit, parental benefit) messages about the receipt of pension benefits.

Which data pre-filled tax return?

With the pre-filled tax return, you can call up data that has been electronically deposited with your tax office and import it into your tax case. The following documents are currently available: Your master data such as first name, surname, address, date of birth, religion, bank details.

How can I view my data at the tax office?

Retrieve data – Under “Forms & Services”, “Receipt of receipts”, you apply for your retrieval code, which will be sent to your Elster mailbox by post and also by e-mail. With this code you can call up the data stored at the tax office. Check data – You can include this data in your tax return.

Can I check my income tax card online?

You can see your current ELStAM on your pay slip. But there is also the option of viewing your current ELStAM in the ElsterOnline portal. Registration with the tax identification number (IdNr.) Is necessary for this.

When can the tax office look at the account?

Personal data for the tax office When it comes to general data about people, the tax office has some information. The office can query every citizen’s full name, date of birth, religion, marital status and any children under 18 years of age from nationwide.

Who transmits data to the tax office?

The data is transmitted electronically, many of them at regular intervals – for example from health insurance companies or other authorities. In addition, the tax office is in contact with the police, customs and tax investigators as well as the Federal Central Tax Office.

Will the pension be reported to the tax office?

The tax office learns about pension payments automatically. The pension insurance carriers and also the private insurers inform the tax authorities in so-called pension receipt notifications which pensions they have transferred during the year (Section 22a Income Tax Act).

What does the health insurance company report to the tax office?

The health insurance companies report the amount of the contributions to health and long-term care insurance paid by their members to the tax office. The report mainly includes contributions to voluntary health insurance, as a student or from pension payments.

Are investment income reported to the tax office?

The tax office does not know your total investment income. However, the banks must report the interest exempt from tax deduction to the Federal Central Tax Office.

Are exemption orders reported to the tax office?

No, the tax authorities do not know the amount of the exemption orders issued, but the banks report the amount of the exempted investment income. Because each individual bank must report the exempted amount to the Federal Central Tax Office annually.

When do investment income have to be declared in the tax return?

Investment income of up to EUR 801 per person per year is tax-free (saver tax allowance). Most investors do not have to provide information about their investment income in their tax return and can do without the KAP annex.

Is capital gains tax paid automatically?

This is different today: German banks automatically transfer the withholding tax to the tax office – i.e. from where the capital gains and the tax due arise. This principle is called withholding tax.

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