Can I take my father’s name?

Can I take my father’s name?

If you want to go back to your maiden name after a divorce, you can do so by submitting a declaration to the registry office. The registry office of the place of birth is responsible. Incidentally, a child can also discard the surname of his or her father or mother if he or she objects.

What do you need to change a child’s name?

DocumentsID card / passport.Child’s birth certificate. Marriage certificate of the parents. declaration of care.poss. Marriage certificate of the mother’s new marriage. household certificate.

Can a child change their last name?

If the child is at least 5 years old, then the child must consent. If the parents marry each other and choose a common family name, this name automatically becomes the child’s family name. However, a child who is 5 years or older must agree to the name change (§ 1617c Paragraph 1 BGB).

How much does a child name change cost?

If you want to change the maiden name of your children under the above conditions, you can apply to the responsible registry office for a name change of a child. The costs here are around 30 to 100 euros.

Can the child take the father’s name?

If you take joint custody of your child after the birth, you can change the child’s surname within three months. This can be the name of the father or the mother. If your child is older than 5 years, the child must also agree to the name change.

Can children take stepfather’s surname?

This does not apply to children after the divorce: According to the Name Change Act (NamÄndG), a change of first name or surname is only permitted if there are good reasons (§ 3 NamÄndG). As a rule, the child keeps the surname it was given at birth – it is irrevocably fixed.

Can I take my grandma’s maiden name?

It is correct that you, as descendant of your mother, are not allowed to adopt her double name in the form of your maiden name. According to § 3 NamÄndG, name changes are only possible if there is an important reason for this.

Can I go back to my old name despite adoption?

A maiden name that has been changed as a result of a later adoption, also as an epithet to the married name, must take the place of the maiden name added earlier. It is not possible to choose between the previous and the new maiden name.

How much does it cost to go back to the maiden name?

Changing the name is subject to a fee. Prices vary greatly, depending on which registry office is responsible for you. You may incur costs between euros.

How can I go back to my maiden name?

After a final divorce, you can easily take your maiden name back. To change your name, you must submit an application to the registry office. You will need the following documents: ID card or passport, certified copy of the marriage register, divorce decision with a legal notice.

How much does it cost to change my name after divorce?

Name change after divorce: costs 25 EUR. EUR 10 is charged for certified copies from the family register. In addition, there are costs for changing important documents such as identity cards, passports, credit cards, etc.

How long after divorce can you change your name?

If the divorce decree is final, you have unlimited time to change your name. Depending on the registry office, the processing time can vary. You will then receive a new name certificate from the registry office, which you must collect.

Can I ask my ex wife to remove my name?

Don’t worry: nobody can force their ex-partner to go back to their former name after the divorce. Women who took their husband’s surname at marriage can continue to use that surname after the divorce (including in a new marriage and even with the new spouse).

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