Can the social welfare office request bank statements?

Can the social welfare office request bank statements?

As a general rule, an authority may not require account statements to be presented without a reason (67a SGB X). Social Welfare Offices have basically begun to require the submission of bank statements from the last three months. From a data protection point of view, this cannot be objected to.

Are bank statements printed online recognized by the tax office?

However, this only applies to a limited extent with regard to evidence in the form of bank statements. Entrepreneurs can save account statements online, which is recognized by the tax office. But printed account statements have no proof value.

What does it mean to bring a current bank statement with you?

A justiciable account statement always has the letterhead or the paper of the bank. The account statement that shows the current turnover, after which there have been no more account movements, is considered to be current.

Are online bank statements legally binding?

Since there are no higher requirements for electronic account statements than for electronic invoices, these are generally recognized for tax purposes. For entrepreneurs, digital extracts become a problem if they are not digitally archived.

Are online bank statements accepted by the tax office?

The Federal Ministry of Finance and the highest federal and state finance authorities discussed this issue and informed the banking industry in writing at the end of July 2014 that electronic account statements would be accepted as accounting records. The file format is not prescribed, a simple PDF file is sufficient.

Can the tax office ask for my bank statements?

If the tax office has found what it is looking for and the taxpayer does not provide the account information, the tax office may even request account statements from the bank with the account balances and movements. When the tax office requests documents on capital income, the alarm bells should ring!

When can the tax office see my account?

The bank cannot refuse to hand over customer data. She is obliged to provide information. If a bank customer dies, the bank must notify the tax office of any account or deposit holdings with a total value of over 5,000.00 euros.

Can the tax office see my account movements?

The tax office cannot retrieve account balances or account movements using the automatic query. An extra request for information from the tax office is necessary for this.

What does the bank have to report to the tax office?

The bank does not have to report anything to the tax office, but rather to the responsible FIU at customs of suspected money laundering. This then informs the bodies concerned, such as the tax office. They may then ask you what kind of money it is and where it comes from.

Is every account reported to the tax office?

Automatically and without the knowledge of the bank, the tax office can initially only request basic data from accounts and custody accounts that were opened or closed after April 1, 2003: These are only name, date of birth, address, authorized person, account number, date of opening or closing.

Are transfers reported to the tax office?

No, transfers are not reported to the tax office. Regardless of the amount, capital gains are only reported to the tax office for which there is no exemption order (the exemption orders are also reported) and from which capital gains tax and solidarity surcharge have therefore been paid.

What amounts of money are notifiable?

This applies to transfers over 20,000 euros. First, it is clarified what applies to both variants. Transfers abroad from EUR 12,500 must be reported, both when you transfer and when you receive such amounts of money. (Domestic and international refer to the place of residence, not the citizenship.)

Can you deposit 10,000 euros?

Today there are no such limits, but there are controls. If you want to deposit large amounts of cash at the bank, you have to identify yourself. From 15,000 euros, the institute wants to see an identity card, passport or other official document.

How much cash can you accept?

How much cash can I accept? You may accept a maximum of 3,000 euros in cash from your customer, regardless of the amount of the invoice. This regulation applies to traders, freelancers, farmers, gardeners and VoE.

How much money can you have at home?

On average, Germans hoard 1,364 euros of cash at home – for example in an envelope, like here on our symbol image from 2018. And what about the money reserves at home? Despite digital payment systems, people in Germany cling to bills and coins!

How much cash can I add to my account?

This federal law states that there is an obligation to report to the tax office. This means that credit institutions have to report deposits of € or more to the tax authorities. This sum also represents the limit up to which you can deposit money into your own account without proof.

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