Can you apply for two positions at one company?

Can you apply for two positions at one company?

If your dream employer advertises different positions, the temptation is great to apply for several of these jobs at once. There is nothing against applying for two positions, but the following applies: The positions must suit you and your qualifications.

What do HR managers read first?

Current jobs at And what do you first look at? On the résumé, at least, that applies to three quarters of HR staff. Only 22 percent of respondents check your cover letter first, but you should definitely not underestimate this part of your application.

What are HR managers looking at?

Three out of four HR managers (75 percent) check the résumé first. 22 percent look at the cover letter. The application photo, certificates and work samples hardly play a role for anyone when they first look at the documents. Applicants should be prepared for HR managers to search for them online.

Can you cheat a little on your résumé?

Even if it almost never happens in practice: Lying on your résumé can have serious consequences. If your employer discovers that you have lied about the information on your résumé, especially in areas that are essential for the performance of your job, you may face dismissal.

What doesn’t belong in the résumé anymore?

There must not be gaps of more than three months in the résumé. Everything needs an entry. Strange terms like “family management” or “self-optimization phase” make a bad impression. Better to write straight away “six months of surfing vacation” – and stand by it.

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