Can you apply to two universities at the same time?

Can you apply to two universities at the same time?

Every semester after graduating from high school in which you did not study counts as a waiting period. You can also apply to several universities at the same time or for several courses at the same university. Places that have not been accepted will be distributed to remaining applicants.

Can I apply for two restricted admission courses?

Can I apply for several courses of study? Yes, you can apply for up to twelve study options at However, the respective university or college will decide whether you can apply for several courses of study at one university.

Can you apply for several Masters at a university?

In justified exceptional cases, they can be enrolled for a further course of study (double course), even if the further course is completed at another university; A proper implementation of the two courses must be guaranteed. … “

How often can you apply for the same degree program?

You can apply once per semester. But every semester. If you are rejected, you will receive a “waiting semester” with your application in the next semester.

How often can you apply for a course?

5 answers. As far as I know, there is no upper limit. Medicine, however, is one of the courses that are assigned centrally. You do not apply to a specific university, but via and you can only specify preferences or

Can you accept two study places?

If you submit several applications for a place to study in order to increase your chances of getting a place, you may receive several confirmations. In addition, applications may still be open while you have already received an acceptance from other universities.

Can you register and then write again?

but if you get the confirmation from your dream university later, you can de-register with me with immediate effect and get the tuition fees out again. However, you are not allowed to enroll at two universities at the same time.

Can I refuse a study place?

If you get an acceptance, you are not obliged to accept the admission offer. This is also not noted anywhere or somehow checked with the next application. It’s really incredibly often that applicants do not accept a promised place, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Can I cancel my university place again?

Hi, yes you can de-register at any time. However, it is handled differently by the universities whether you get the semester fee reimbursed.

Is registration binding?

It is never binding. You can enroll at any university if you don’t go, it’s your business. At some point, when you are enrolled or accepted, you will be asked to pay the semester fee and / or the tuition fees. Only then will you be properly enrolled.

Until when do you have to accept a study place?

In the case of admission, you usually have 10 days to inform the university whether you want to accept the study place.

What is recognized as a waiting semester?

The waiting semester is the time between the Abitur and the start of studies. If you have decided on a course for which your NC is not sufficient, you can go on a waiting semester. During this time you can work, travel or volunteer in a social environment.

Is the federal voluntary service recognized as a waiting semester?

BFD, FÖJ, FSJ The voluntary social year (FSJ) or the voluntary ecological year (FÖJ) can also be counted as a waiting semester. There are many ways in which such a voluntary activity can be undertaken: cultural, sports or social clubs offer good starting points.

How are waiting semesters counted towards NC?

Every six months (semester) that passes after graduation is counted as a waiting semester. The half-year in which the Abitur was taken is not taken into account for the applicants. In addition, a maximum of 16 semesters after taking the Abitur can be counted as a waiting semester.

How do waiting semesters affect the NC?

Waiting semesters do not improve the numerus clausus! Those with the most waiting semesters are given preference for a study place. If many applicants have the same number of waiting semesters and the number of study places is no longer sufficient for them, the Abi grade is used again as the second criterion.

How much does a waiting semester bring me?

The waiting time until the longed-for start of studies is made up of the waiting semesters (one waiting semester = 6 months) that have passed in full since your Abitur. However, the semester in which you did your Abitur cannot be taken into account.

How does training affect the NC?

Training is counted as a waiting semester In particular, if your Abitur average is not so great or if you do not get a place to study immediately despite a good final grade due to the NC, you can “collect” several waiting semesters as part of an apprenticeship.

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